U,S. Postal Service

In an internal memo obtained by Federal News Network, USPS is directing its employees to focus on transportation and cut the “soaring costs” the agency incurs as part of its universal service obligation to deliver mail to every address in the country six days a week. The memo says that USPS employees may see “mail left behind or mail on the workroom floor” or in processing and distribution centers — a change “that may be difficult for some employees.”As the multi-phase pivot takes shape, the memo says USPS expects “operations will begin to run more efficiently and that delayed mail volumes will soon shrink significantly.”

“The big story here is that the postal unions and some of their supporters want to wage war against the new postmaster general, rather than work to find constructive, holistic postal reforms,”

The results is mail getting lost and delayed for weeks as people making payments get penalty for late payments. Vital packages such as drugs and parts that keep America going not arriving. The Post Office is not a business it is a service guaranteed by the U.S. government. If it is failing it is the management not the service. The country fails without reliable mail service. A MBA is not going to fix human nature especially at the expense of the citizens lives.

Incentives need to be paid for workable improvements, not punishment of cutting overtime. DeJoy is the first postmaster in two decades without prior experience in the United States Postal Service. Learn what is going on before turning the dials. DeJoy’s appointment was controversial because DeJoy and his wife have assets between $30.1 million and $75.3 million in USPS competitors or contractors, such as UPS and trucking company J.B. Hunt.DeJoy said he was trying to breathe new life into a “broken business model. If it is not broken do not fix it. 

School Busing

It was a bad idea from the start and is still not benefiting humanity. It has resulted in poor use of resources to a additional factor in spreading a genetic affected sickness.

TVA Chairman Fired

Trump said the authority was replacing many of its in-house technology workers with contractors who rely heavily on foreign workers under the H1-B visa program for highly skilled workers. TVA has hired outside contractors for years because they do not get paid and get benefits like the other TVA employees.  These contractors employ non U.S. citizens, these workers have access to senestive information that can shut down the electric power system. Do we want our critical inferstructure maned by people from countries that could be at war with us?  At a time when skilled workers are needed and our children are strapped with student loans should we be hiring overseas labor to undercut our children’s future?

The rule makers



“Indigenous peoples tend to be at higher risk from emerging infectious diseases. Covid-19 is no exception – and some experts say it could destroy whole nations and communities.”  Yellow fever wiped out many native Americans during settlements.  Around the world genetic history is unique different cultures and that includes how they fair in the environment.  Different environments have been exposed local people to different sicknesses. Those that survived reproduced.

In this world today with world travel we have a mix of different DNA that are not the same. This makes it a problem in exposing different people to a virus that some have the DNA to defend and others not.  The idea that the human race is the same is very wrong and needs to be mixed very carefully.  The U.S. has the biggest problem because it believes everyone is equal.  The government and media still refuse to admit its failings.


“Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) said rising gun violence in Chicago is occurring because the Windy City is “being inundated with guns” from outside states.”

Guns do not kill people people kill people. Why are these other states not having the murders Chicago has if they have plenty of firearms?

What the Mayor fails to understand is lack of citizen responsibility in reporting crime and testifying, creates opportunity for more crimes. The lack of respect for laws makes an environment unfit to have children.  The history of Chicago tolerated criminal gangs for decades because the gangs paid off the political leaders. What about the loss of life in Chicago due to drugs? Other states make drugs illegal also, but plenty get to Chicago.

What about the culture of the south side of Chicago? Why is there less crime in other parts of the city? They have firearms also.


Our nation has been turned upside down by people that think they are treated unfair.  It has been many years since the laws are required that the government treats everyone who breaks the laws equally.  But it seems some people want to use the media and laws to harass individuals because they dislike them. Some minority people claim it is skin color that they are judged by, but is this why Trump has systematically been picked on? Most people choose friends by things they have in common and like to be with each other. We are granted this right to have freedom and liberty to make our own lives how we want.

It is a tested fact that more educated and intelligent people have more success than those that give up easy. Many factors are considered as people choose lifestyles they want to live. For example traditions require certain dress for certain affairs that are acceptable to the general majority of that affair. If not done that way the rebel might get their feelings hurt by the treatment of the group. There is no law against getting feelings hurt. Although our president is a BS artist he has faced years of being harassed by the hypocrites of the media and democratic party which claim they do not stand for that done to the minority.

Governments’s Ponzie Scam

Who pays tax in a massively aged world? Who pays for healthcare for the elderly? Who looks after the elderly? Will people still be able to retire from work?

Government does not save resources they use the “just in time idea” where young people pay for old people. Those old people when they were young did not save as they paid for the older generation.  Resources are finite and do not come out of thin air as the government scam made you believe.  If you want resources when you are old you need to save them when you are young.  Insurance is not saving the money you pay them. Government prints more money so it can spend more which makes all the money you save worth less.

We have been lied too and scammed by big Government it is not in our best interests to let them make laws that they can not enforce and keep.  Civil rights laws did not work. FDA did not protect use from harmful drugs and food. EPA did not protect the environment. CDC does not protect us from sicknesses. FAA does not protect us from poor design airplanes. The Department of Education has not provided equal and productive standard of intelligence.  They have only saved corporations the cost of job training.  The Military has not protected our enlisted people as they designed war ships that are made of things that burn.  The CIA, FBI, and other spy departments have spied on citizens to collect data for the politicians to use to benefit themselves.  Simple things like stopping scam calls and scam email has not been enforced as the government exempts the politicians.

The citizen is responsible for their own survival so stop paying Government to deliver a promise they can not keep. Biden just promised to have 100% renewable energy by 2035, it takes 15 years to build one nuclear plant.  How can the voter be so gullible to vote for a lier but the other ballot choice is a BS artist. We must not allow the scam ballot system to force use to pick more dishonest leaders.  Do a write in vote for an electoral college person who is not connected to a party.

What If —

Facts are only as good as we believe because we can use them with good probability. What if the small probability had more power if we understood how to manipulate it? Unknowns are the doorway to understanding and progress.  So many of our young scientists are trained to stand on the the foundations of past discoveries they fail to challenge them and question them.  Sure the experiments can produce the same results but that is not new ways of thinking. We are handicapping the creative abilities when we have fixed standards that if questioned remove the creditability from the thinker and ignore them.  Grants do not go to people that question the established authority of higher education.

State Flag

The government has to be kidding or just plan stupid.  They are forcing a new problem replacing an old problem.  Government is not to declare any religion.  To have God on the flag offends all those intelligent people that require evidence of a God.  So far science has shown that no evidence of a God is valid.  The best we have is it is an unknown.  So the government is using unsubstantiated beliefs to run a government rather than evidence and facts.  This shows those in Government does not depend on justice, they are just making it up on bias as they collect forced taxes on people that want reality not personal beliefs.