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Destroying Historic Markers is Equal to Book Burning

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This control of of social media are the seeds that are destroying our society, freedoms and liberty.
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Throughout history many groups have tried to destroy the recording of the past because they did not like the truth. Early stories around the camp fire were told to entertain based very loosely on past achievements usually embellished to add interests. Later these stories were written down.

Each hand copy changed the story a bit till the printing press then the media had control. Groups like political and religious groups manipulated the recording of the past to reflect their bias.

Has the destruction of history really made the world a better place? We also know that the winner of the war writes the history

Science is a Tool used to Find Reality.

Many think Science is a thing done by scientists but many scientists do not practice real science.  Many speculate and call it science. Evidence alone is not scientific proof.  Just as a jury looks for the preponderance of the evidence they still are speculating on reality.  Science needs to be able to duplicate the actions of the evidence and come to the same outcome 100% of the time to prove something. When they come out with 99% of the time they are only suggesting probability.

Our Universe has many unknowns and for practical conditions we accept probability as a good tool for cause and effect.  But it still lacks reality because of random unknowns.

Our media and Government today tries to gain authority by sloppy speculation based on false evidence and faked data. Then they call it science because they get people with science degrees to agree with them.  A science degree does make the evidence needed to prove reality.

Good Day

written by David Byrne and Brian Eno

Saw the wanderin’ eye, inside my heart
Shouts and battle cries, from every part
I can see those tears, every one is true
When the door appears, I’ll go right through, oh
I stand in liquid light, like everyone

I built my life with rhymes, to carry on
And it gives me hope, to see you there
The things I used to know, that one fine

One fine day

In a small dark room, where I will wait
Face to face I find, I contemplate
Even though a man is made of clay
Everything can change that one fine —

One fine day

Then before my eyes, is standing still
I beheld it there, a city on a hill
I complete my tasks, one by one
I remove my masks, when I am done

Then a peace of mind fell over me —
In these troubled times, I still can see
We can use the stars, to guide the way
It is not that far, the one fine —

One fine day


Wink: Give Us $5 Monthly Or Lose Access to Your Devices. Wink is a software company that makes an app to control home appliances using your cell phone. The very idea of paying more than once for a product you bought is not only extortion but also immoral. The globalization of many cultures has brought a lack of morals and ethics to humanity. It seems what works in one community with all the other expectations does not work in another culture that has different social order and exceptions. Scammers do not worry about being punished so they continue. Our government makes millions of laws it has no intention of enforcing. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are just historical documents that mean close to nothing to our elected leaders that are hell bent on treating the citizens like a heard of animals.

As we have seen trying to keep people locked up and obeying will lead to another revolution where the paper dollar has no value. The world of powerful men have destroyed the very principles this country was founded on the idea that individuals only have themselves to blame if they can not survive on their own. Keeping people alive with handouts makes them slaves.

Unbelievable; “San Francisco is supplying free drugs and alcohol to homeless people who are staying at city-leased hotels. The San Francisco Department of Public Health defended the city providing free alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes to the homeless by saying it is necessary to prevent people from breaking quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak.”

Opportunity to Use Virus Experience

It seems that many problems have been amplified due to the results of world wide health issues. We can learn and come up with plans to improve the quality of life learned form the obvious problems. We know the importance of good health but rarely practice the necessary habits to achieve it. We know about mental problems but rarely take care of them till it is too late. We know about economic problems but think we can buy our way out of the limited resources. We know government debt causes inflation but refuse to hold government accountable. We have huge problems down the road to all this money being printed by the Federal Reserve to satisfy the political reputation and elections. More money does not create more resources. Poverty is a problem that making more children is not going to solve.

Use this experience wisely to improve humanity. Emotions will not solve the problems.

Tupelo Leaders Bet On Tourism

The local economy does not offer big dreams for our younger generation. The move of Tupelo businesses to spend on entertainment, sports, rock starts, movie stars and tourist businesses such as food and hotels fails to have a vision for future needs and progress in a world of high competition for finite resources. The future is one of intellectual skills not physical skills. Automation will take most jobs away from those who are not taught to think and be creative.

Just In Time

Most industries use ‘just in time’ to reduce the cost of having inventory. It reduces having to have warehouses and money tied up in stock. It requires a steady predictable use of resources. It does not work during a crises. World resources are finite as we use them faster than nature can provide. Over population causes shortages and many do without. The individual has the burden of holding more inventory than they need to protect themselves from crises. Most people do not do this in fact many people have no savings because inflation reduces the value of money. When the government spends more money than it takes in, in taxes it causes inflation. This present crises could be a government invention to reduce the value of money so people get poorer as the value of government debt goes down. This is the hidden tax we all pay for poor leadership.

You Can Not Tax Your Way Out of Poor Leadership.

Illinois legalized video gambling in 2009 as part of an effort to dig itself out of a financial hole. For years, the state has struggled to generate revenue, balance its budget and maintain its infrastructure. Video gambling was seen as one way to do that. Legalizing marijuana and sports betting, as well as casino expansion, represent newer efforts.Not only did the state not make as much money from video gambling as it projected, only a fraction of video gambling profits go back to cities and towns — while gambling companies, as well as the politicians they lobby, benefit. Additionally, we’ve shown how Illinois residents who gamble have lost more than $5 billion of their own money since the machines went live in 2012, sometimes sending individuals and families into spirals from gambling addiction. Though state funding to assess and treat gambling addiction often failed to meet the need, Illinois is now allocating more money.
The state of Mississippi is exploring mobile sports betting to go along with its large casino industry. Once the third-largest gambling destination in the country, behind Nevada and New Jersey, Mississippi gaming revenue has fallen by $200 million since 2010. The decline has also led four casinos to shutter, shedding about 5,000 jobs in the process.

What the State needs is to remove the tax on food and require Corporate owners to be personally responsible fro the results of their actions, including politicians and lawyers. Low paid workers do not have enough money to pay taxes.

Solar and Wind Energy Cause Environmental Problems

Government and the public have been mislead about environment friendly energy production. Much of the equipment has a life of less than 25 years and has to be rebuilt.Turbines from the first great 1990s wave of wind power are reaching the end of their life expectancy today. About two gigawatts worth of turbines will be refitted in 2019 and 2020. And disposing of them in an environmentally-friendly way is a growing problem. The same with solar collectors and batteries. The spotted owl can no longer fly through the protected woods because they are too dense. Paper bags were replaced with plastic which is not biodegradable

The we’ll meaning followers of the environmental fad did not do their homework along with many politicians. The same problem today as we are marketed electric cars which are not as efficient as gas automobiles. Then we have cell phones which are causing more damage. Medical insurance gives people a license to take risks with their health as others pay for the damage. Welfare cuts creative living ideas and makes for over population which is the real cause of a degrading environment and loss of the quality of life.


Since 1990, the U.S. economy has produced millions of jobs, but as you will see below nearly two-thirds of them have been low wage jobs. Of course this is one of the biggest factors causing the systematic erosion of the American middle class. Today, half of all U.S. workers make less than $33,000 a year, but meanwhile the cost of living has been steadily increasing. Housing costs, health insurance and other basic necessities have been rising much faster than our paychecks have, and this has put an enormous amount of financial stress on hard working American families.

Tupelo does not help by promoting tourist industry jobs rather than research and development jobs that make and export products.