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Since 1990, the U.S. economy has produced millions of jobs, but as you will see below nearly two-thirds of them have been low wage jobs. Of course this is one of the biggest factors causing the systematic erosion of the American middle class. Today, half of all U.S. workers make less than $33,000 a year, but meanwhile the cost of living has been steadily increasing. Housing costs, health insurance and other basic necessities have been rising much faster than our paychecks have, and this has put an enormous amount of financial stress on hard working American families.

Tupelo does not help by promoting tourist industry jobs rather than research and development jobs that make and export products.

Hate Crimes and Social Stress

The rapid changes in community culture makes for many that can not endure the stress go mad. Public schools have been forced to be job training centers rather than academic enclaves. Religion has been converted to a community social club rather than schools of moral and ethical training. The internet which was created to make facts and knowledge available to the common man has been converted to a marketing tool and psychologically manipulate people.

Being human means we are not perfect and we learn from mistakes. Education’s use of multiple choice tests rather than real life experiences reeks of misguided data collection. We have children become adults without any sense of reality. Life is not about being a consumer as greed never makes us happy or a fully functional human being. If we want to eliminate hate we need to start by matching finite resources with culture and what being human is about. No two humans are the same not even twins. We all have different abilities which might not match what greed wants.

Needs, wants, and desires are not all emotional. Needs to survive, wants to motivate and desires to dream. The goal to desire wisdom is not possible with a goal to desire material wealth.

Having Health Insurance Does Not Prolong Life.

Death Rates Rising for Young, Middle-Aged U.S. Adults
Opioid epidemic and stalled progress against heart disease have dragged down life expectancy. The problem of not being physically active due to smart phones and computers give people false security that health insurance will save them. Fast food, drugs, labor saving equipment such as mass transit, electric bikes and scooters all reduce exercise. Our food supply is no longer fresh and home cooking reduced to the microwave heating chemical laced food. Shelf life chemicals and taste additives all work against the human body. Caffeine laced products and quick fix drugs lower life expectancy. Having health insurance removes any incentive for healthy living.

Delphi Method

Delphi Technique is used by Tupelo leaders to sway people who object to their plans to shut up and accept what is forced on them. Tupelo likes to pride itself with wearing a community badge that everything it does has full support of the community. They fact is much of what is forced on the public spending tax and federal grant money is not what the community wants in fact it harms groups that live and work in the areas it is spending that tax money. Poor leadership and very poor management keep Mississippi in last place in almost any national measurement. The rich connected city leaders make sure nothing happens that would put a burden on them and forget about the other people that end up paying.

We have wasted millions of tax money on building things that need to be maintained but no money set aside to maintain them. Much of what is build does very little for the majority of Tupelo citizens. Much of what is done only favors small groups of people while the rest of the community has to pay for it. Everyone knew the bus system was a failure before any money was spent on consultants that are paid to agree with those who hire them.

Wake up Tupelo and do a write in vote rather than pick those frauds on the ballot.

Mississippi Values

Study shows Mississippi ranks 49th in internet speed for 2019. I am not surprised as the state puts money into sport teams and refuses to value intelligent people that need to exchange knowledge and creative ideas. Ever wonder why so many of our top students leave the state?

Mississippi needs to create and contribute new products to the world stage not just hire share croppers to labor for low wages and corporations that ship the profits to other countries. These growth potentials do not happen with the current Mississippi values.

The South’s Economy Is Falling Behind: ‘All of a Sudden the Money Stops Flowing’

Policies that once drove the region’s growth—relatively low taxes and low wages that attracted factories and blue-collar jobs—have proven inadequate in an economy where the forces of globalization favor cities with concentrations of capital and educated workers.NATCHEZ, Miss.—The American South spent much of the past century trying to overcome its position as the country’s poorest and least-developed region, with considerable success: By the 2009 recession it had nearly caught up economically with its northern and western neighbors.

That trend has now reversed. Since 2009, the South’s convergence has turned to divergence, as the region recorded the country’s slowest growth in output and wages, the lowest labor-force participation rate and the highest unemployment rate.

The plan to use the education system to make workers has failed to produce creative individuals that work with their minds rather than their bodies. Automation has replaced the low I.Q. worker. Lack of freedoms and liberty has driven the intelligent youth away. All that is left are the serfs.

Good Old Boy Corruption

“Logan still driving, despite DUI-refusal charge ” The public is not that stupid just living in fear of the so called local leaders that have their own club that discriminates to the advantage of those leaders and organizations. You can not get a job or carry on any business in Tupelo without the approval of those in power. If you point out the corruption you lose the rights and privileges giving by the Constitution. You have free speech until you knock one of the leaders. Then you are banished to be turned down for jobs and most any normal living conditions by the under ground leader Mafia. People are afraid to talk about the poor conduct of those in power. If the word gets out you begin to experience hard times. No evidence or direct cause just a quiet experience of rejection.

Five Decades Ago

What happened 50 years ago at the start of school shootings? Could it be forced busing to mix cultures? What about the use of computers and multiple choice tests? Maybe equally mixed gender culture requirements?

Machines Controlling Human Morals and Ethics

It is relatively easy to promote good and to fight evil and good and evil are arranged against each other in two clear lines, and when those on the other side are our unquestioned enemies and those on our side our trusted allies. What, however, if we must ask, each time and in every situation, where is the friend and where is the enemy? What, moreover, when we have to put the decision in the hands of an inexorable magic or an inexorable machine of which we must ask the right questions in advance, without fully understanding the operations of the process by which they will be answered?
The future offers very little hope for those who expect that our new mechanical slaves will offer us a world in which we may rest from thinking. Help us they may, but at the cost of supreme demands upon our honesty and our intelligence. The world of the future will be an ever more demanding struggle against the limitations of our intelligence, not a comfortable hammock in which we can lie down to be waited upon by our robot slaves.

Machines will be deciding life and death maneuvers in self driving vehicles. The decisions may not be what your future expects.

Two Changes

Our laws need two changes to make America great again. First change corporate laws to make the board members and the top officers personally responsible for corporate wrong doing. Second eliminate lobbyists from contributing to lawmakers campaigns or any affiliation that benefits the law maker.