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Doing Something Is Better Than Doing Nothing

That depends on many factors. First is it talking about one particular issue or just the fact that having nothing in mind is bad. Is clearing your mind bad? What is the default of doing nothing? What is the probability of the default? Is the default a bigger problem than the first problem? How do you know the future? Cause and effect?

Many times doing nothing about the problem is the best solution as we have time to learn more or not need a solution. Many times acting on limited information gets us bigger problems. Acting on emotions can even kill us if we do not take time to think. Life is never simple enough to act on simple slogans.

Again Tupelo Behind the Curve

Why not Tupeo airport?

When is the leadership in Tupelo going to start recruiting research instead of fast food?
This isn’t science fiction. A number of start-ups as well as big aerospace firms are trying to build personal aircraft.

Registered Drones Now Outnumber Planes

But we have an airport and no place to fly and teach drone skills. Tupelo fails again to be in front of the curve. But we have a pool few people use.
Huerta said the number of small unmanned aircraft is even larger because drone operators often own more than one drone.

FAA officials launched a drone registration program just before Christmas, saying it would help them track down operators who violate regulations and also help to create a culture of accountability.

The new vocations are not in tourism but in technology and entrepreneurial skills. But the educational system is stuck on making workers rather than thinkers that mold the future.

We can make changes but it starts with the city council and the school board. Putting sales tax collections first does not make Tupelo better either does spending money on entertainment and awards.


Do the citizens of Tupelo want large cargo aircraft landing in the city and taking off again? These big planes destroy the quiet and quality of life. I doubt they bring high paying employment.

the Airport again

Two weeks ago the airport fired two and one couldn’t stand it any more and left the job. On employee Josh had been trying to get rid of for some time and actually fired him about a year ago but the Authority rehired him. The second firing was the individual that wrote a critical letter to Mayor and the City Council about how the FBO was being operated. “Whistleblower” Fired I think we may be close to out of employees.

The Airport, now what?

For years Tupelo airport has been a mismanaged money pit that has caused problems as well as provide d benefits to Tupelo. Does Tupelo need a commercial airport? Is the airport in the best location? Can an airport fund it self? Is it time for a change? Are flights to Memphis a good idea? Are there enough people to support air service? Why should the tax payer support a service that is not sustainable?

There are many questions that need to be answered truthfully and we are not getting honesty from our leaders. It seems to me this whole deal smells of political favors. Feel free to respond as The comments section on the Airport web site does not seem to work at least on my computer.

FAA a Bad Joke

Should the taxpayer support the perks of flying? Why not make the costs of the FAA be the responsibility of those who fly. All pilots, airplane owners, passengers, and anyone else that benefits from the service bare the costs of the service of the FAA. Those that have nothing to do with flying already have to submit to the burden of the noise and pollution of airplanes trespassing over their property. The flying customers should be compensating the hassled public rather then the taxpayers rewarding the air services.

Plane crash report?

Will the FAA conclusion regarding the crash last year have any effect on the Tupelo Airport Authority? I trust that those who have ties with the airport know more than me and more than the Daily Urinal reported. The Urinal’s story sounded somewhat ominous for TAA.

Airport Tower could close?

If the budget cuts are made the FAA will close, 100 small airport towers. Is Tupelo one?


Morass is defined as something that traps, confuses or impedes. The Tupelo Airport Authority’s (TAA) budget, profit and loss budget statement, leases and other financial statements are certainly that, a morass!

The Terms and Conditions of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants require that every effort be made by airport officials to make their operation self-sufficient. TAA was a balanced, sustaining operation four years ago but is not even close today.

Their debt to the City of Tupelo taxpaying citizens is nearing $200,000. The following issues have contributed to this mismanagement of airport funds and accounts:

• Unbalanced operating budget that includes capital revenue without any corresponding expense.
• Overhead photography shows that extensive rock and metal plates are being used to repair and prevent further damage to Universal Asset Management’s (UAM) leased property. Cost to TAA for UAM’s destruction of the infrastructure is estimated at a minimum at $30K.
• Hidden start-up costs and false capital improvements to Airline Maintenance Services of Tupelo LLC resulted in over $40K in costs to TAA.
• Financial documents hide true balance since revenue sources (capital and operating) are included in the same document but the related expenses are missing. This funny math guarantees that the bottom line will be positive.
• Huge salary increases for management (15% plus) even though airport progress has regressed. This has added nearly $100K in expense in four years.
• Airport has gone from $150,000 cash in the bank to $200,000 in debt, contributing to a negative net worth with no end in sight.

Despite the growing debt, the TAA quietly added a $500,000 project that will cosmetically enhance the Fixed Base Operations (FBO) facility. The FBO is the full service gas station for the airport. These unnecessary improvements are to be funded by a $300,000 MDOT Multi-modal grant and a $200,000 MDA loan. That’s right, it is more debt. All this for a facility that the TAA Board has publicly announced it will provide to a private business in the near future. It’s well known that it is a pay-back project promoted by a not often seen Board member. TAA Board should review State ethics rules on Authority Board members having contracts for hangaring his/her aircraft even in the general population. TAA should also check out AMS Management Lease anomalies for FBO:

• FBO “Allowable Monthly Expense” Account is a conduit by which the private management company can spend public money without routine oversight.
• Incentive Fee, amounting to 40% of Operating Surplus for FY 12, was paid to the FBO Management company, AMS, however, what happened to the 60% TAA share?
• AMS Management (private company managing the FBO) has been posting an average $50,000 to the “Allowable Operating Expense” even though the large expenses like fuel, labor and a management fee are paid for by TAA without oversight.
• AMS Management Agreement provides exclusive buyout right including a lease for the FBO facility (with the $.5M upgrade) and for the business at a purchase price at more than current buyout debt. A government organization cannot offer such agreements without competition.

Recent statements by the Executive Director further highlight the lack of his AIP and financial knowledge. When boardings fall below 10,000 in a FY, the loss of the $1M entitlement doesn’t occur for an additional two years. If boardings improve during that period above the 10,000 number, then the system resets.

And why is the reason for Silver’s poor performance placed primarily on weather? Weather is not going away so why would one expect any improvement in the numbers? Still hiding the facts? What nonsense! Wake up Tupelo! The regional flying public does not deserve such incompetence?