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Lack of Knowledge Leading the Dumb

The media is a fear campaign to control the masses. It seems most of the dead have very poor health and were going to die soon anyway. Is is alright to keep people who are near death alive longer? Who makes out? the medical industry? Much of the information on TV is not giving the whole picture and details of reality. First fact is UV-c 222 nm light can destroy the virus without harming humans. It is UV-a light that can cause cancer so that is why it is used in HVAC ductwork to sterilize the air like in prisons so infections are not spread. UV-c light can be used in super markets to keep people safe. The media refuses to do the research. Second is that masks basically are used to slow down the spread from an infected person because it stops much of the moisture droplets. The N-95 masks do not stop fine virus itself. They stop 95% of the dust in the air as the virus is smaller than the dust.

The problem is the media is not looking into genetics because it might just show that diversity has its flaws. People have different immunity abilities. Poor health behavior reduces the individual’s ability to fight exposure to harmful entities. Cities and public transit put people at more risk to have health problems. One size does not fit all. Fast food is not a healthy diet. Restaurants mostly serve unhealthy foods. Much of today’s society do not cook especially healthy foods. A family should have at least 6 months income saved before they ever think about having a child or buying unneeded items. Marketing is always telling the people that they can borrow to pay things off. This is how many now have to go to food banks to survive. Having payments is a killer especially when you have to buy insurance to protect the bank from default. Banks win the poor lose every time we spend more than we make.

Many people are not equipped with the intelligence and abilities to know when they are being scammed by the media and Government.

Eating out and takeout food.

The impact on their short-term health

“Overall, the majority gained weight, which was a gain in body fat for most of the participants. With respect to cardiovascular disease markers, plasma triglycerides (the concentration of fat in the blood) increased for more than half the participants. This is a marker of increased cardiovascular disease risk. Cholesterol levels, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, showed approximately half the participants increased.

Why pay health insurance to people that cause self inflicted health problems?

Retail Shopping Experience

Buying in is no longer a enjoyable time. They do not have the products we want as they force market what the corporations want you to buy. The clerks are not helpful and in many cases just ignorant of the products they are supposed to be selling. The stores are unorganized and block egress with displays. The smell is a sick perfume splashed on all the products. This smell makes the product used by someone and not factory new. You get exposed to all sorts of diseases from colds, TB to third world sicknesses. The food is prepared by people who do not respect cleanliness or have the knowledge of what chemicals that are in the product.

Over all finding what I need, my time is better spent at home on line.

Having Health Insurance Does Not Prolong Life.

Death Rates Rising for Young, Middle-Aged U.S. Adults
Opioid epidemic and stalled progress against heart disease have dragged down life expectancy. The problem of not being physically active due to smart phones and computers give people false security that health insurance will save them. Fast food, drugs, labor saving equipment such as mass transit, electric bikes and scooters all reduce exercise. Our food supply is no longer fresh and home cooking reduced to the microwave heating chemical laced food. Shelf life chemicals and taste additives all work against the human body. Caffeine laced products and quick fix drugs lower life expectancy. Having health insurance removes any incentive for healthy living.

Again Mississippi Ranks Last on Health

Beyond these death rates, the report looked at 44 other factors that influence a population’s health to determine each state’s ranking.

Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington, Connecticut and Vermont ranked the highest (Connecticut and Vermont tied for fifth place in the rankings), while Arkansas, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi received the lowest rankings.

Most of the cost of health insurance reflects people’s personal health habits.


A Los Angeles judge has determined that California law requires coffee companies to carry an ominous cancer warning label because of a chemical produced in the roasting process.
In 2016, the International Agency for Research on Cancer — the cancer agency of the World Health Organization — moved coffee off its “possible carcinogen” list.
The coffee industry had claimed the chemical was present at harmless levels and should be exempt from the law because it results naturally from the cooking process necessary to make the beans flavorful.
Studies indicate coffee is unlikely to cause breast, prostate or pancreatic cancer, and it seems to lower the risks for liver and uterine cancers, the agency said. Evidence is inadequate to determine its effect on dozens of other cancer types.

It seems to me this is just another way for lawyers to make money.

AMA Declares Obesity a Disease

The American Medical Association voted this week to declare obesity a disease, a move effectively defining 78 million American adults and 12 million children as having a medical condition requiring treatment.

Why not look at the bigger problem? Our leaders are not addressing the cause they focus on the symptoms instead. Problems are not as simple as the media and money makers would like you to believe. Each individual has genes from a long line of past humans that have adopted to certain living conditions and environment.  One size does not fit all as each has different needs to fit their genes. Life changes very slow and the capitalistic market place changes the environment a lot faster than the human condition can keep up.

It seems to me that this change to make obesity an official disease is a political maneuver made by big money to empty the pocket of the common man and add to the riches of the insurance, big pharma, medical industry, and all those including government at the expense of all those that are slaving away at jobs to support families.

The FDA is not protecting the population from the marketing and manipulation of the food and drug empires. Much of what is offered in the market place is not healthy or beneficial to the vast array of human health in a diverse society. The marketed lifestyle has one purpose and that is to make profits regardless of any concern for the health and life of the customer. The Public education system is also bought and sold to those that profit and lobby the laws.

Our leadership has failed because of lack of knowledge and values.

Tourist Trade

I stood in front of the City Council one evening and was giving reasons why Tupelo should not try to attract the low pay jobs such as the tourism brings with restaurants and hotels.  Part of my reasoning was that low pay jobs cost the government money with subsidizing food stamps and Medicaid. Also that low paid workers do not have much to spend on lifestyles real-estate and education.  The City Council was dazzled by the fact that they get a 10% sales tax from those services. Here is a quote from the web from one of those workers.

I’ve been serving for about 20years. I come from a fine dining restaurant recently moved to tupelo got a job at a restaurant by the mall I have never experienced such terrible tips. I’m an excellent server! Last nite for example .30 on a 26$ check( nothing wrong) 2.76 on a 57$check again nothing wrong. 2$ on a 42$ check 5$ on 90$ check. I make 2.41 an hr. I have to pay taxes and tip out on a percentage of my sales not what I have in my pocket. Tipping is not a city in china. You people can do better this is ridiculous if you can’t afford to eat out or to cheap to tip go to Micky d’s. Stay home. Servers have to make a living too. One of my co -workers was in tears the other nite she received 5$ on 159$ check and 5$ on 100$ check again nothing wrong. It’s costing us money to wait on you on some occasions, it’s the holidays! 10% of check for not great service 15% if everything was ok 20% if everything great.Com e on Tupelo I have faith we can turn this around do the right thing! “

If Tupelo is to change it has to be the attitude of those business people that take advantage of those that they have poorly educated. We can not afford to create an industry that takes advantage of people and makes them live a poor life even if they are working hard to survive by the rules.

International Cuisine

If you haven’t tried Chrisina’s International Cuisine you are missing a treat. Entrees from Europe, the Mediterranean, South and North America make up a wonderful menu. They have no wine so you might want to check the brown bag rule. The restaurant is in the former Shogun establishment on north Gloster. Worth the trip. Moderately priced, good service and good food.