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Socialism, Does it work?

It comes down to promises the Government can not keep. Many people want to hear the Government is going to take care of them when in fact it is mainly taking care of those running the Government. The next time someone running for office tells you all the things they are going to do for you remember they do not have the resources to do so. Vote for the person who tells you that you have to work to achieve anything in life.

Tupelo Leaders Bet On Tourism

The local economy does not offer big dreams for our younger generation. The move of Tupelo businesses to spend on entertainment, sports, rock starts, movie stars and tourist businesses such as food and hotels fails to have a vision for future needs and progress in a world of high competition for finite resources. The future is one of intellectual skills not physical skills. Automation will take most jobs away from those who are not taught to think and be creative.

So You Want to Depend on Doctors?

Doctors Are Hoarding Unproven Coronavirus Medicine by Writing Prescriptions for Themselves and Their Families
Pharmacists told ProPublica that they are seeing unusual and fraudulent prescribing activity as doctors stockpile unproven coronavirus drugs.

In this world of scam calls and many others taking advantage of each other we can not trust a Government that intrudes selectively.

Just In Time

Most industries use ‘just in time’ to reduce the cost of having inventory. It reduces having to have warehouses and money tied up in stock. It requires a steady predictable use of resources. It does not work during a crises. World resources are finite as we use them faster than nature can provide. Over population causes shortages and many do without. The individual has the burden of holding more inventory than they need to protect themselves from crises. Most people do not do this in fact many people have no savings because inflation reduces the value of money. When the government spends more money than it takes in, in taxes it causes inflation. This present crises could be a government invention to reduce the value of money so people get poorer as the value of government debt goes down. This is the hidden tax we all pay for poor leadership.

Sign Of The Times

“Baltimore mayor to residents: Please stop shooting each other We cannot clog up our hospitals and their beds’ with shooting victims”

Never let government control healthcare. They do not have the knowledge, ability, resources or the will, to care about your individual life and care. A doctor paid by insurance works for the insurance company not you.

One Size Does Not Fit All

In this age of technology where humanity has exploited the finite resources of earth using them faster than nature can provide we are seeing the results of our stupidity. We have emotions to help survival of the genes which are best able to survive the environment. This means some genes give us gifts for survival and others are handicapped due to mutates that hinder survival. Nature always wins in the long run. Years ago the Americas had a population isolated from Europe and did not have the genes to survive the attacks of the microbes brought here. No different in todays world as random mutates will always bring new challenges to survival. Lifestyles are all different and the forced mixing of different genetic makeups only brings a higher probability of random survival challenges.

Government programs that force some gene pools to pay for other gene pools only fail because nature has no emotions and will continue to use entropy to keep a steady evolution of the universe.

You Can Not Tax Your Way Out of Poor Leadership.

Illinois legalized video gambling in 2009 as part of an effort to dig itself out of a financial hole. For years, the state has struggled to generate revenue, balance its budget and maintain its infrastructure. Video gambling was seen as one way to do that. Legalizing marijuana and sports betting, as well as casino expansion, represent newer efforts.Not only did the state not make as much money from video gambling as it projected, only a fraction of video gambling profits go back to cities and towns — while gambling companies, as well as the politicians they lobby, benefit. Additionally, we’ve shown how Illinois residents who gamble have lost more than $5 billion of their own money since the machines went live in 2012, sometimes sending individuals and families into spirals from gambling addiction. Though state funding to assess and treat gambling addiction often failed to meet the need, Illinois is now allocating more money.
The state of Mississippi is exploring mobile sports betting to go along with its large casino industry. Once the third-largest gambling destination in the country, behind Nevada and New Jersey, Mississippi gaming revenue has fallen by $200 million since 2010. The decline has also led four casinos to shutter, shedding about 5,000 jobs in the process.

What the State needs is to remove the tax on food and require Corporate owners to be personally responsible fro the results of their actions, including politicians and lawyers. Low paid workers do not have enough money to pay taxes.

Eating out and takeout food.

The impact on their short-term health

“Overall, the majority gained weight, which was a gain in body fat for most of the participants. With respect to cardiovascular disease markers, plasma triglycerides (the concentration of fat in the blood) increased for more than half the participants. This is a marker of increased cardiovascular disease risk. Cholesterol levels, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, showed approximately half the participants increased.

Why pay health insurance to people that cause self inflicted health problems?

What is the Value of A Citizen to the Government

Businesses need customers to survive. They please the customer so they can profit. What does the government do to please the citizen so the citizen is willing to pay taxes. Forcing the citizen to pay taxes means the citizen is not getting their money’s worth. What value is an old citizen or a young citizen? It seems to me that Government does not consider citizens as customers.

Solar and Wind Energy Cause Environmental Problems

Government and the public have been mislead about environment friendly energy production. Much of the equipment has a life of less than 25 years and has to be rebuilt.Turbines from the first great 1990s wave of wind power are reaching the end of their life expectancy today. About two gigawatts worth of turbines will be refitted in 2019 and 2020. And disposing of them in an environmentally-friendly way is a growing problem. The same with solar collectors and batteries. The spotted owl can no longer fly through the protected woods because they are too dense. Paper bags were replaced with plastic which is not biodegradable

The we’ll meaning followers of the environmental fad did not do their homework along with many politicians. The same problem today as we are marketed electric cars which are not as efficient as gas automobiles. Then we have cell phones which are causing more damage. Medical insurance gives people a license to take risks with their health as others pay for the damage. Welfare cuts creative living ideas and makes for over population which is the real cause of a degrading environment and loss of the quality of life.