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Five Decades Ago

What happened 50 years ago at the start of school shootings? Could it be forced busing to mix cultures? What about the use of computers and multiple choice tests? Maybe equally mixed gender culture requirements?


Will football last? I suspect it will not be around as we know it in 40 years. it started after the civil war to promote manliness because the south thought after the war the men would not have the macho spirit to defend the country. Today we have a realistic understanding of how the physical game is killing and destroying the men that play it. More equipment only seems to make the game played harder and does not protect the body and brains from early decline.

I thin it is a fad like boxing was very popular in the 1920’s but now few follow it. Football has reached its peak and nowhere else to grow. Insurance is getting more expensive and parents are reluctant to allow their children play the game in H.S. because of the threat to the child’s health. This means less feeding the college teams and the NFL.

As computers get better and virtual reality a growing thing football played with real humans on a physical field will no longer be an American fad. It might even be outlawed like cock fighting or dog fighting.

“How TV downplayed the brute concussive aggression of football to make it more viewer-friendly.” NewYorker