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New Start

2020 good vision needs to see clearly a new start again for all those failures we have gained experience. Not to repeat the same mistakes and improve on the next try till we have success. The world will always be in a mess because of new people ignorant of past failures learning on their own. The numbers are too great for one individual to have much effect but team work brings a greater result than a sum of its parts. Many in power throughout history fear individuals forming teams that locate the information needed prove the leaders personal greed and thirst for power over others. We are only human so keep an eye on too much accumulated power that takes advantage of the human condition.

Not An Objective Democracy

House Votes to Impeach President Trump
Democrats and Republicans vote almost entirely along party lines; president denounces effort to remove him from office

In a court of law including a grand jury the jury members have to be impartial and base judgments on fact. In our government selective enforcement is a fact of life destroying the principles this country was founded on. This country had one civil war and might have another based on cultures that do not trust that individuals will be responsible for their own lives.

In the justice system imagine if all blacks voted one way and the whites the other way. It would be a mistrial.

Low Income Housing

Many in poverty can not afford the cost of housing on low wage jobs. The government steps in and subsidized the rest. The problem is more than just not having enough money to pay taxes and repairs. People with low incomes tend to not be responsible especially when they do not own the property.Douglas, the vice president of the Barbara Jean Wright Courts’ tenant association, and other residents say their building suffers from leaky ceilings, mold, infestation, mice, shoddy repairs and a landlord who is slow to respond to their concerns.

People have to realize that living quarters require daily maintenance such as cleaning, disposing of garbage, care in using the equipment and fixtures, preventing pests, etc. Over time everything needs maintenance and or replacement. Landlords factor these cost into the rent. There is no such thing as housing cost below the price of taxes and maintenance. If there were few people would do the work to maintain their living quarters. Homelessness is a product of over population and people not having the ability to live in this demanding culture.

“Inside Public Housing Where Cockroaches Drop From the Wall and Kids are Getting Sick
Illinois’ HUD inspection failure rate is among the worst in the nation. A housing authority has delayed replacing one property for more than a decade. As the need for public housing rises, conditions in the aging structures are deteriorating.” The infestation is due to poor resident style of living and the cost should be on their shoulders not the landlord.


Since 1990, the U.S. economy has produced millions of jobs, but as you will see below nearly two-thirds of them have been low wage jobs. Of course this is one of the biggest factors causing the systematic erosion of the American middle class. Today, half of all U.S. workers make less than $33,000 a year, but meanwhile the cost of living has been steadily increasing. Housing costs, health insurance and other basic necessities have been rising much faster than our paychecks have, and this has put an enormous amount of financial stress on hard working American families.

Tupelo does not help by promoting tourist industry jobs rather than research and development jobs that make and export products.

Bond Market

A bond-market warning light that glowed green for years is suddenly flashing red. The bad news for bondholders is that the last time this happened, it was accompanied by the biggest sell-off since the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

Tupelo’s Mayor wants to put Tupelo more in debt to build infrastructure. Tupelo needs better paying jobs not more debt that increases taxes. Tupelo needs to export resources not import them. The average citizen does not get the time to use more city owned socialist infrastructure. Please someone get the Mayor to help the average citizen and worker make more money not have them pay for more follies of the rich. More government money means higher inflation on the costs of living.

Freedom and Responsibility

I see marketing of new products, drugs, machines, fads, and other things consumers are tempted with. This world economy runs on exchanges of something for something else. The problem is with world corruption are these exchanges fair and just. Do they benefit humanity or take away what it is to be human. For example freedom to abuse your health ends up forcing others to pay for your lack of responsibility. Tax and insurance collected from those being responsible for their freedoms paying for those not being responsible. Government plays favorites with its laws departments and selective enforcements. Bribes, exchanges of favors and other under the table wink and nods result in innocent people getting hurt and paying for decisions by people in power that have no idea of the results of their actions.

The solution is not to save people from their ow lack of responsibility but remove government safeguards and let charity decide who they help and who should live with the results of their own lack of responsibilities.

Needed Abilities

With finite resources demanded by more populations people are going to do with less. Public services such as water and electricity require natural resources and educated workers. The protesters do not have the skills to improve their services and the land does not have the resources such as clean water and materials to get it to the public. What they do have is oil that adds to global warming which world wide is declining in value.

Iraq has the world’s fourth-largest reserves of oil, but 22.5% of its population of 40 million were living on less than $1.90 (£1.53) a day in 2014, according to the World Bank. One in six households has experienced some form of food insecurity.
The unemployment rate was 7.9% last year, but among young people it was double that. And almost 17% of the economically active population is underemployed. Lacking the skills and ability to pay for the cost of children in not even thought of by the people who make families. This is a problem world wide which no politician or corporation is willing to talk about because the solution of less population means no more growth in economies.

The First Amendment

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the government from making laws which respect an establishment of religion, prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Some take oaths working for the Government to keep secrets. The citizen has a right to say even criticize the government or and anything else without being punished by the Government. However that one citizen can bring suite to another citizen for slander or breach of contract due to making public words or information that harms the other. Civil courts determine the harm and value of that harm.

In today’s world of the mass communication the awareness is bombarded with many lies and distorted information. Depending on the value of harm is it worth the court battle to use the process to punish the aggressor?

Why is it Mississippi has a very low average household income?

The median U.S. household income remained essentially flat at $63,179 in 2018 after three straight years of growth, according to Census Bureau figures that offer a broad look at Americans’ financial well-being.

Could it be that the leaders are taking advantage of the poorly educated public and using them as slaves? Recruiting low pay jobs? Not promoting research and inventing new products to sell world wide? The present MS average job is obsolete and will be replaced by machines.

Walmart sues Tesla over solar panel fires at seven stores

Solar will not provide clean energy as the marketing campaign wants you to believe. The media is marketing more stuff to the consumer which will need to be replaced. This is all about creating an economy and growth using finite natural resources. If you want cheap energy stop having so many children that over populate the earth and use resources.