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Needed Abilities

With finite resources demanded by more populations people are going to do with less. Public services such as water and electricity require natural resources and educated workers. The protesters do not have the skills to improve their services and the land does not have the resources such as clean water and materials to get it to the public. What they do have is oil that adds to global warming which world wide is declining in value.

Iraq has the world’s fourth-largest reserves of oil, but 22.5% of its population of 40 million were living on less than $1.90 (£1.53) a day in 2014, according to the World Bank. One in six households has experienced some form of food insecurity.
The unemployment rate was 7.9% last year, but among young people it was double that. And almost 17% of the economically active population is underemployed. Lacking the skills and ability to pay for the cost of children in not even thought of by the people who make families. This is a problem world wide which no politician or corporation is willing to talk about because the solution of less population means no more growth in economies.

The First Amendment

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the government from making laws which respect an establishment of religion, prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Some take oaths working for the Government to keep secrets. The citizen has a right to say even criticize the government or and anything else without being punished by the Government. However that one citizen can bring suite to another citizen for slander or breach of contract due to making public words or information that harms the other. Civil courts determine the harm and value of that harm.

In today’s world of the mass communication the awareness is bombarded with many lies and distorted information. Depending on the value of harm is it worth the court battle to use the process to punish the aggressor?

Why is it Mississippi has a very low average household income?

The median U.S. household income remained essentially flat at $63,179 in 2018 after three straight years of growth, according to Census Bureau figures that offer a broad look at Americans’ financial well-being.

Could it be that the leaders are taking advantage of the poorly educated public and using them as slaves? Recruiting low pay jobs? Not promoting research and inventing new products to sell world wide? The present MS average job is obsolete and will be replaced by machines.

Walmart sues Tesla over solar panel fires at seven stores

Solar will not provide clean energy as the marketing campaign wants you to believe. The media is marketing more stuff to the consumer which will need to be replaced. This is all about creating an economy and growth using finite natural resources. If you want cheap energy stop having so many children that over populate the earth and use resources.

Increased Population,Increased Laws, Reduced Freedoms

Madness is just one of many human attributes. The more humans on the finite planet means more madness and increased stress. Fewer places to have solitude and opportunity to express those attributes without harming others. The results is more laws and control by others that do not understand the problems. Growth of the economy means increased use of natural resources which destroys nature. The human of today has not evolved in 200,000 years as we are designed to be hunter gathers. Cell phones and computers have altered humanity and created a mess of community. Lack of community increases loneliness and expression of love and happiness. We can not replace what we lost with more population growth and consumerism.

Delphi Method

Delphi Technique is used by Tupelo leaders to sway people who object to their plans to shut up and accept what is forced on them. Tupelo likes to pride itself with wearing a community badge that everything it does has full support of the community. They fact is much of what is forced on the public spending tax and federal grant money is not what the community wants in fact it harms groups that live and work in the areas it is spending that tax money. Poor leadership and very poor management keep Mississippi in last place in almost any national measurement. The rich connected city leaders make sure nothing happens that would put a burden on them and forget about the other people that end up paying.

We have wasted millions of tax money on building things that need to be maintained but no money set aside to maintain them. Much of what is build does very little for the majority of Tupelo citizens. Much of what is done only favors small groups of people while the rest of the community has to pay for it. Everyone knew the bus system was a failure before any money was spent on consultants that are paid to agree with those who hire them.

Wake up Tupelo and do a write in vote rather than pick those frauds on the ballot.

Mississippi Values

Study shows Mississippi ranks 49th in internet speed for 2019. I am not surprised as the state puts money into sport teams and refuses to value intelligent people that need to exchange knowledge and creative ideas. Ever wonder why so many of our top students leave the state?

Mississippi needs to create and contribute new products to the world stage not just hire share croppers to labor for low wages and corporations that ship the profits to other countries. These growth potentials do not happen with the current Mississippi values.

Again Mississippi Ranks Last on Health

Beyond these death rates, the report looked at 44 other factors that influence a population’s health to determine each state’s ranking.

Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Washington, Connecticut and Vermont ranked the highest (Connecticut and Vermont tied for fifth place in the rankings), while Arkansas, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma and Mississippi received the lowest rankings.

Most of the cost of health insurance reflects people’s personal health habits.

Finite Resource Problem

Our hectic, on-demand lifestyles rely upon allocating finite sets of resources to constantly changing numbers of people. As this task grows ever harder, it will require solutions to a little-known mathematical riddle.It’s not easy to accurately predict what humans want and when they will want it. We’re demanding creatures, expecting the world to deliver speedy solutions to our increasingly complex and diverse modern-day problems Over the last few decades, researchers have developed a range of pretty effective mathematical solutions that can allocate resources across a variety of industries and scenarios so they can attempt to keep up with the daily demands our lives place on them. But when an allocation made at one time affects subsequent allocations, the problem becomes dynamic, and the passing of time must be considered as part of the equation. This throws a mathematical spanner in the works, requiring these solutions to now take into account the changing and uncertain nature of the real world and the growing population. If we don’t start to address dynamic resource allocation problems now, we won’t just struggle to get dinner on the table – the entire world could grind to a halt.

The South’s Economy Is Falling Behind: ‘All of a Sudden the Money Stops Flowing’

Policies that once drove the region’s growth—relatively low taxes and low wages that attracted factories and blue-collar jobs—have proven inadequate in an economy where the forces of globalization favor cities with concentrations of capital and educated workers.NATCHEZ, Miss.—The American South spent much of the past century trying to overcome its position as the country’s poorest and least-developed region, with considerable success: By the 2009 recession it had nearly caught up economically with its northern and western neighbors.

That trend has now reversed. Since 2009, the South’s convergence has turned to divergence, as the region recorded the country’s slowest growth in output and wages, the lowest labor-force participation rate and the highest unemployment rate.

The plan to use the education system to make workers has failed to produce creative individuals that work with their minds rather than their bodies. Automation has replaced the low I.Q. worker. Lack of freedoms and liberty has driven the intelligent youth away. All that is left are the serfs.