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Driving Looking Backwards

The leaders of Tupelo declare that Tupelo will aways be a farming and industrial town. They plan for the future to be more of the past. History shows us things do not stay the same and will change sometimes radically. In the world that is connected with the world wide web and billions of people in poverty Tupelo can not reduce its future to the same as the past. We must be creative and innovative to survive long term. Most leadership has short term sight and refuses to sacrifice the present for long term. The educated children are leaving for better challenges than factory or farm work. The ignorant flock to places that have the only work they know. The kicker is they are not competing with equals but rather with people around the world making less than one dollar an hour. This is not sustainable.

Our leaders must be far sighted and look long term. Having a fiber world wide web connection is not an option but a requirement for competing in the world market. We must export more than we import and we must focus on innovation rather than the dead retail and tourist trade. Manufacturing will be robots not manual labor just as farms will be fully automated. Tupelo will be stuck with a large population of welfare people that live for drugs and commit crime.


Why are the leaders of Tupelo not worried about low skill jobs going away. Retail, fast food, hotel work, factory work, construction, etc. are being replaced by robots and machines. The future belongs to the educated creatives. A conservative community locks the creative lifestyle out.

Our children are leaving for better opportunities as those in poverty are left behind. Why the city council is not addressing these issues rather than putting lipstick on a pig? (metaphor)

Confident Pluralism

Can we live with disagreement and diversity enough to tolerate aggressive behavior and restrain aggressive behavior that harms?

“Germany is now offering to pay countries to take back their migrants”


What is the difference between a small new business and a startup? Most of Tupelo of the new businesses in Tupelo are retail or manufacturing expanding. We do not have the change the world spirt to change the way people live like Comcast did in the past. Comcast now has become a over stuffed obese organization that has lost it way due to greed and lack of creativity. The future is now and we need to be better. What are we doing to foster that great American spirit of the entrepreneur/

What are we teaching our children? To get a Job? Should we not be teaching them that they are their own leader? Children need to be comfortable with high tech in every day life. The poverty in Tupelo does not have the resources to do that and public school is not enough and is too strutted to foster creativity., too many rules and conditions. The fear of mistakes and failure are built into grades. A child can be taught at home how to do things that have value and allowed for failure. For example pay a child to do some tech task such as scanning business cards or ripping CDs. Maybe making all your computer cables or installing new devices to your equipment. They can go on to graphic design and manage your in home systems. Many parents are not willing to spend the time or knowledgable themselves about the new technical age.

When children get the hang of technology they see creative ideas and also run into problems that need to be solved. One of Tupelo’s down falls is Comcast with limited speed for tech businesses. Tupelo water and Light could build a new fiber system starting with schools and mini libraries all around town for the next generation to start new business that are not just small business but world wide enterprises that will change the future. The idea is to export from MS not be the bottom of the barrel state that lives on Government handouts.

Join me in talking to community leaders to put Tupelo on track to be a world leader that attracts new talent not the town that tells its children to move to someplace that has opportunities.


“Yellow Cab Cooperative Inc., San Francisco’s largest taxi company, filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, the latest in string of traditional taxi companies to turn to chapter 11 amid the rapid rise of ride-hailing rivals like Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc.”

Who are the leaders of Tupelo protecting at the expense of the poor? We could have opportunities of many young people to make money on providing needed services. But the local laws prevent that from happening as they support the status quo. Change requires competition and that will not happen when the good old boy club protects its members.

Where are we going?

Tupelo has floundered for years. The leadership has blinders on making them look at a narrow path. Few want to learn new ways of doing things or new ideas that conflict old ideas.Life is short and we are losing our best creative youth to other places because of the strike held beliefs of the leaders. What can be done to change for a better quality of life?

“While ISPs are struggling to bring 25 Mbps Internet to customers, the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, a publicly owned utility, is bringing 10-gigabit internet to its customers. If they can have it, why can’t we?”

Is Government Qualified to Regulate Education?

Charter school “authorizers” are charged with making sure schools can be trusted with kids and with public money. Problem is, many lack the tools to do the job.

The Academy for Life Long Learning

The Academy for Life Long Learning
Tupelo, MS
I propose that the Education Task Force for life-long learning initiate and support a program open to the community so that we may provide learning opportunities exclusive of those found in other community resources. With such a program, we may provide services that include classes, presentations, talks, discussions, and demonstrations, all of which may enhance the community well-being, offering an opportunity for teachers, speakers, artists, facilitators, and others who wish to practice their craft to do so. Such a program may enhance and enrich life in Tupelo for all citizens and guests.

The opportunities for social betterment are sometimes limited to overly familiar routines. A program like this shall offer opportunities for people of diverse cultural backgrounds to share common interests and to find a refuge away from the unhealthy habits of daily television watching. With such opportunities, people of various ages may learn joyfully, without monetary pressure and without feeling obligated to have or receive a certificate or a degree. They may participate in dialectical discussion in subjects of interest, as well as pursue artistic endeavors, all with an eye to achieving that wisdom not often enough pursued in school or the work place.

The City of Tupelo has many resources, some of which are underutilized. We can organize and recruit the controlling interests in those resources to provide for their public use. Schools, Churches, public buildings, private buildings, parks, and other facilities, can all be used for places of teaching and learning. We can also use the City web site to replay learning events of interest. Many public announcement publications and media will want to keep the public informed on these non-profit events.

No doubt that we will need some funding and volunteers to continue these types of services. There are many avenues a sub-committee could look into for this aspect, such as donations, perhaps even a voluntary collection like some museums do, memberships with special perks, grants, subscriptions or published materials both in paper and electronically, etc..

I have been a key player in the start of another Institute at Mississippi State University so I know this is feasible and can be done. It will take some time, perhaps a year, if we have all the key players.

This is something I know we can accomplish if the community has the will.


Recycling does not work because the supply chain is not local and energy to transport material is greater costs than the efficiency of recycling. In the world of trained worker/consumers we have lost the concept of sustainability. In the quest for money, decisions are made on profit rather than quality of life and a healthy environment. Many of the materials we use today are made because of profit and it does not support long term sustainability. We see it in zoning for example where stores for what we need are not in walking distance. Our work is not in walking distance. This creates waste and pollutes the planet with waste energy and causes the need for more products such as cars.


The spin put on by the media is to get people to consume more and then make them feel guilty for not giving free labor to the corporations to recycle their designed disposable products. Everything today is designed to fall apart so you have to buy more. I still have an ax from my grandfather no recycling required. Who has a 100 year old chain saw?


A Japan-U.S. alliance is targeting a replacement for DRAM — a longstanding staple of computer hardware.

More than 20 Japanese and US chip-related companies are joining forces to develop mass-production techniques for a next-generation chip technology called magnetoresistive random access memory, or MRAM, according to a report in Nikkei’s Asian Review.

Players in the new research push include Tokyo Electron, Shin-Etsu Chemical, Renesas Electronics, Hitachi, and US memory giant Micron Technology.

The companies “will dispatch a few dozen researchers” to Tohoku University in northern Japan, according to Nikkei. The effort at Tohoku University will be led by professor Tetsuo Endoh. Development will begin in February.

Tupelo is not finding the cutting edge economic solutions that can improve the city. It does not pursue high technology research. It sits back on low wage manufacturing and tourism because the leaders just look at retail sales and sales tax rather than intellectual goals.