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Not An Objective Democracy

House Votes to Impeach President Trump
Democrats and Republicans vote almost entirely along party lines; president denounces effort to remove him from office

In a court of law including a grand jury the jury members have to be impartial and base judgments on fact. In our government selective enforcement is a fact of life destroying the principles this country was founded on. This country had one civil war and might have another based on cultures that do not trust that individuals will be responsible for their own lives.

In the justice system imagine if all blacks voted one way and the whites the other way. It would be a mistrial.

Vaping, Drugs, Physical Risks, Poor Health Habits

As long as government is providing benefits for heath insurance, disability, medicare, medicare, welfare, food stamps, housing, phones, etc. there is very little incentive to care about your health or the future. Self inflicted problems and risks people take should not be supported by the taxpayer.

We Asked Prosecutors if Health Insurance Companies Care About Fraud. They Laughed at Us.
To protect their networks and bottom lines, health insurers don’t aggressively pursue widespread fraud, making it easy for scammers. Then they pass the costs off to you.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

Tupelo leaders have fiduciary responsibilities to the tax paying citizens. The monies from local, state, and national taxes that provide for the upkeep of government and enforcing the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Over the years these documents have been stretched and bent to support many questionable wastes of money that only benefit a few. Tupelo is not spending wisely and not being accountable for the money it is wasting. The public transit is not sustainable. Painting lines on narrow streets is a dumb idea. Contracting a pool and then not including the full costs is more than just being stupid. Grant money is taxpayer money and it has been used to support personal agendas of a few holing power in Tupelo. If the city wants to bring benefits to the majority of citizens it needs to recruit high paying occupations not the tourist trade which does not pay a living wage. Painting bike lanes on residential streets or funding a bus system no one rides is not making Tupelo a supporter of the documents this country was founded on.

Moral Compass

Where are children learning about what it is to be human? Where are the moral and ethic role models? Why are churches country clubs and not places where we learn respect for each other. Why has religion failed to instill understanding of reality. Why is it people pray but fail to follow up with physical action in the real world?

Increased Population,Increased Laws, Reduced Freedoms

Madness is just one of many human attributes. The more humans on the finite planet means more madness and increased stress. Fewer places to have solitude and opportunity to express those attributes without harming others. The results is more laws and control by others that do not understand the problems. Growth of the economy means increased use of natural resources which destroys nature. The human of today has not evolved in 200,000 years as we are designed to be hunter gathers. Cell phones and computers have altered humanity and created a mess of community. Lack of community increases loneliness and expression of love and happiness. We can not replace what we lost with more population growth and consumerism.


Public utilities are required by laws to provide access to emergency communication if problem arise. Comcast adds 911 charge to the telephone bill so the government does not have to put fire alarm boxes on every corner. The law requires that the utility keep those emergency systems working and if they break down repairs them as fast as possible.

It has come to my attention that Comcast puts its construction work to add more customers ahead of repairing existing services to already paying customers. Customers are paying for emergency service and not having access to it so Comcast can make more money.

The City of Tupelo and the city council have no intentions or ability to make Comcast honor its legal requirements. The City has given exclusive rights to Comcast to be the only cable provider with no competition from companies like C-spire to hard wire a second emergency system. The leaders of the City council enjoy campaign contributions from Comcast to block any completion that will provide better service to the paying public.

Good Old Boy Corruption

“Logan still driving, despite DUI-refusal charge ” The public is not that stupid just living in fear of the so called local leaders that have their own club that discriminates to the advantage of those leaders and organizations. You can not get a job or carry on any business in Tupelo without the approval of those in power. If you point out the corruption you lose the rights and privileges giving by the Constitution. You have free speech until you knock one of the leaders. Then you are banished to be turned down for jobs and most any normal living conditions by the under ground leader Mafia. People are afraid to talk about the poor conduct of those in power. If the word gets out you begin to experience hard times. No evidence or direct cause just a quiet experience of rejection.

Refusal to Change Leadership

The world leadership of the United States is threatened by an influx of uneducated people. Education has become a scam on the American public along with health care and lack of responsible corporations.
Scott presented a range of data about four major forces affecting our economy: demographics, public investment, technology, and inequality.
The demands of an aging population have technological, social, and financial implications. Demographics are shifting rapidly, including a growing non-white population that is not getting access to the education they need to keep our workforce competitive.Our state’s middle class is shrinking as it is unable to afford things like child care and college.We see an increase in the percentage of low wage workers from 13% in 2014 to 22% in 2016.
Regardless of your political orientation, these are issues we can’t ignore.

Robo Calls

The FCC Has Fined Robocallers $208 Million. It’s Collected $6,790.
America’s telecommunications regulators have levied hefty financial penalties against illegal robocallers and demanded that bad actors repay millions to their victims. But years later, little money has been collected. The Federal Government is not serious about protecting the citizen but rater focused on how much campaign money they can get from the lobbyists. We will be a failed country if laws and enforcement are ignored. If the government can not follow up on enforcement they can not make laws to protect the citizens.

Why Tupelo does not Improve the Quality of Life

CDF and CREATE hold the power in Tupelo. There boards and membership is the Who’s Who of Tupelo, all the people that own the businesses and hold the economic power. These people are the big fish in the small pond. They do not want to be small fish in a big lake. The world is always finding out new things and ways to change life. People in local power do not want the completion of change. Many are second and third generation wealth holders that do not have the abilities of their ancestors. Mississippi is ranked last or close to last in many polls that add up to the quality of life. Health suffers as well as crime and education. Beliefs drummed into our children have trained them to obey and not create new and better ways to live. The dogma of the powerful controls the citizens to be workers for the elite. The leaders will do anything they can both legal and underhanded contrary to the morals they profess to hold to maintain control over the other citizens. Many of these leaders are not even aware of the ramifications of their actions as they too lack the view of a bigger picture of what quality of life is.