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Concerned Citizens and Friends

I see the media flash many marches of people against the police which protect and serve the law abiding public.  What I do not see are these concerned citizens and friends pointing out to the abusers of the law such as, their drug use, crimes of all sorts including throwing trash out the car window, destroying property, taking risks with their health such as smoking, reckless physical stunts, and general disobeying the laws set by the government they voted for.

I can understand the the emotional pain of being rejected by society because of certain traits that do not conform to the majority beliefs of the community. Many immigrants have over the centuries had to endure rejections till they conformed to the accepted culture.  NYC is an example of a melting pot that does not always work as people of the same culture prefer to live in a community that holds their values that do not always conform to the public laws.

If we have freedom of speech we can not be politically correct.  The media wants to control our spending and lifestyle so they make money on marketing. They have top psychological consultants that are educated far beyond the abilities of the average viewer to understand the manipulation that is taking place.  Carry a cell phone? You are offering your private information to anyone wanting to buy it from the large data corporations.  Our politicians are not looking after your welfare just as you are not looking after your fellow citizens welfare.  The system is broke and voting for popular figures that are seen in the media is not going to fix the problems of people not being responsible for their own actions as well of the actions of their fellow citizens.


What did the Government expect when it dumped trillions of dollars into the hands of consumers without increasing the resources that money could buy? Workers getting bonuses and hazard pay but not being more productive. Unemployed people making more money than when they were working. There is no common sense in both parties that passed those giveaway bills. The major reason was to buy votes come November. Basically the United States can not afford national health care.

The numbers do not add up, world wide there are less confirmed cases per population than in the U.S. More deaths in the U.S. per cases. It seems that millions are tested positive yet they do not get sick. Something is wrong with the media numbers and very wrong with the information given to the public. There seems to be a vast difference in the cultures of those needing hospital care beyond the elderly that are close to death with or without the virus.

Minorities, black, hispanic, illegals, immigrants, etc. are the majority of deaths. Poverty?, Genetics?, Lifestyles? Occupations? The media is pulling a fast one not investigating the real numbers and causes. They are just interested in promoting their agenda, propaganda, and politics.

In the end the poor are going to be poorer. The U.S. is losing the dollar as an accepted world currency.


Wink: Give Us $5 Monthly Or Lose Access to Your Devices. Wink is a software company that makes an app to control home appliances using your cell phone. The very idea of paying more than once for a product you bought is not only extortion but also immoral. The globalization of many cultures has brought a lack of morals and ethics to humanity. It seems what works in one community with all the other expectations does not work in another culture that has different social order and exceptions. Scammers do not worry about being punished so they continue. Our government makes millions of laws it has no intention of enforcing. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are just historical documents that mean close to nothing to our elected leaders that are hell bent on treating the citizens like a heard of animals.

As we have seen trying to keep people locked up and obeying will lead to another revolution where the paper dollar has no value. The world of powerful men have destroyed the very principles this country was founded on the idea that individuals only have themselves to blame if they can not survive on their own. Keeping people alive with handouts makes them slaves.

Unbelievable; “San Francisco is supplying free drugs and alcohol to homeless people who are staying at city-leased hotels. The San Francisco Department of Public Health defended the city providing free alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes to the homeless by saying it is necessary to prevent people from breaking quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak.”

Opportunity to Use Virus Experience

It seems that many problems have been amplified due to the results of world wide health issues. We can learn and come up with plans to improve the quality of life learned form the obvious problems. We know the importance of good health but rarely practice the necessary habits to achieve it. We know about mental problems but rarely take care of them till it is too late. We know about economic problems but think we can buy our way out of the limited resources. We know government debt causes inflation but refuse to hold government accountable. We have huge problems down the road to all this money being printed by the Federal Reserve to satisfy the political reputation and elections. More money does not create more resources. Poverty is a problem that making more children is not going to solve.

Use this experience wisely to improve humanity. Emotions will not solve the problems.

Socialism, Does it work?

It comes down to promises the Government can not keep. Many people want to hear the Government is going to take care of them when in fact it is mainly taking care of those running the Government. The next time someone running for office tells you all the things they are going to do for you remember they do not have the resources to do so. Vote for the person who tells you that you have to work to achieve anything in life.

Just In Time

Most industries use ‘just in time’ to reduce the cost of having inventory. It reduces having to have warehouses and money tied up in stock. It requires a steady predictable use of resources. It does not work during a crises. World resources are finite as we use them faster than nature can provide. Over population causes shortages and many do without. The individual has the burden of holding more inventory than they need to protect themselves from crises. Most people do not do this in fact many people have no savings because inflation reduces the value of money. When the government spends more money than it takes in, in taxes it causes inflation. This present crises could be a government invention to reduce the value of money so people get poorer as the value of government debt goes down. This is the hidden tax we all pay for poor leadership.

One Size Does Not Fit All

In this age of technology where humanity has exploited the finite resources of earth using them faster than nature can provide we are seeing the results of our stupidity. We have emotions to help survival of the genes which are best able to survive the environment. This means some genes give us gifts for survival and others are handicapped due to mutates that hinder survival. Nature always wins in the long run. Years ago the Americas had a population isolated from Europe and did not have the genes to survive the attacks of the microbes brought here. No different in todays world as random mutates will always bring new challenges to survival. Lifestyles are all different and the forced mixing of different genetic makeups only brings a higher probability of random survival challenges.

Government programs that force some gene pools to pay for other gene pools only fail because nature has no emotions and will continue to use entropy to keep a steady evolution of the universe.

What is the Value of A Citizen to the Government

Businesses need customers to survive. They please the customer so they can profit. What does the government do to please the citizen so the citizen is willing to pay taxes. Forcing the citizen to pay taxes means the citizen is not getting their money’s worth. What value is an old citizen or a young citizen? It seems to me that Government does not consider citizens as customers.

New Leaders

From what I can see the system has not produced any viable candidates to lead the United States. Neither Democrat or Republican parties offer people that have the ability to unite a diverse population. The media is opinionated and only offers propaganda to support their beliefs. The public does not get educated facts based on evidence that will enable them to make a reasoned decision. The system has resorted to entertainment and emotions rather than real world cause and effect.

I suppose all systems are destined to fail as nature mutates to find new ways for survival for the conditions.

Not An Objective Democracy

House Votes to Impeach President Trump
Democrats and Republicans vote almost entirely along party lines; president denounces effort to remove him from office

In a court of law including a grand jury the jury members have to be impartial and base judgments on fact. In our government selective enforcement is a fact of life destroying the principles this country was founded on. This country had one civil war and might have another based on cultures that do not trust that individuals will be responsible for their own lives.

In the justice system imagine if all blacks voted one way and the whites the other way. It would be a mistrial.