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Trump BS

We know almost every government official does not tell what is going on truthfully or tell us their true feelings about issues. Lots of horse trading is going on that would make the public puke. Perhaps it is time to end a democratic republic as we know it and have a draft of ordinary citizens represent the local pubic. No campaigns and money spent marketing issues just common sense and a will to talk truthfully about the pros and cons of what leaders face.

The media has gotten way to powerful and a monopoly which is forming public opinion rather than the citizens having the data to make their own minds up about the issues. We should separate facts from entertainment and the media opinion.

Keynesian Economics

The idea of a stable capitalistic economic system is growth through consumption. The more consumption the more growth of the economy to enhance the standard of living. John Maynard Keynes advocated that if the population is not spending money there is a loss of jobs and income so the government needs to be a consumer.

The flip side of the problem is a finite earth and resources such as water, air and energy. There is also the population growth that out strips the ability of the earth to support it. Another issue is psychological, that when too many people get on each others nerves such as too many rats in a cave there is violence. The value of life is decreased by the growing number of people. So just increasing the standard of living can reduce the quality of life if more than economic factors are not taken into consideration.


“Inside Facebook’s Gigantic Political-Media Machine
How a strange new class of media outlet has arisen to take over our news feeds.”

Many Americans and people around the world take the media too seriously. The perspective of others almost always has an agenda.


It seemed like 20 elections today. I wonder if people had to write in the names of the people they voted for, would it work? Most people have not the foggiest idea about the person they are voting for as they fill in the dots with ink.

Would it not require a bit of research and learning to know how to spell the name of the person that supports your ideas of government?

I think ballots should be blank and the voter write the name of the person he wants to have the office.

Prop 42

Education or brainwashing? The most important thing we can give children is wisdom. Historically Aesop was used to teach the philosophy of life as the foundation of education. Literacy next so a child could teach themselves. The last stage of adolescence was learning a skill to contribute to humanity as an adult. This is not what I heard at a meeting that was over stuffed with teachers. It was all about jobs stupid. Not occupations and exporting more than we import, not about contributions to humanity but about money. The average I.Q. of teachers graduating college in the U.S. is 105 the lowest of the college degrees. Teachers in countries that produce smarter students than the U.S. look to the teaching profession like doctors who deserve the highest income because the future depends on them.

I was told by a local college official that they hired some teachers to fill a slot that they could not find anyone else to fill. I find it more of the good old boy system in hiring connected people rather than qualified people. Qualified people do not want to come to MS because or the culture. Science is replaced with superstition and spiritual beliefs. The objective reality we live in has cause and effect and that is what it takes to be successful.

No doubt money is part of the equation to have top people teaching our children but not the only part. Money can just cause more corruption if it is not handled with integrity. The children of MS need special treatment depending on their environment and situation. One size does not fit all. If the money is spent to deal with individual children rather than poor planning and over sight by administrators I say raise taxes and give more money. Poor planning for example is not saving for expected repairs such as a roof every 20 years or replace the HVAC system every 20 years. This is not optional or a thing that administrative people can ignore till the breakdowns and leaks. Only 53% of your education tax dollar goes to teaching, the rest to administrative issues. If corporate America was run like that people would not have industry. The voter approved a huge bond issue for Tupelo Public schools. Where is the money going? To replace an administrative building roof and build a surveillance command center? Schools used the excuse that books could be on the computers they provided but now they want money for new textbooks.

What we have is very poor planning and a buddy system in the education industry that is not focused on the goals of wisdom and literacy for the children. Who is going to clean house and fix the system before money is thrown at it? We could set up small local libraries with a part time tutor and mentoring service to help those children that are not getting the attention in the classroom or at home. These local walk to retreats would also be a hot spot for the children to use their computers and socialize as they learn new things outside the fixed education culture of worker/consumers.

If the voter is educated they would first fix the politics before taxing themselves more to support the government corruption in the name of save the children and jobs. Hire and pay teachers what they are worth and remove excess administration.

Carrot and Stick

Public education is based on punishment and reward of the Skinner/Pavlov conditioning. This is what is used to train animals. Are our children animals?
How about quality of life and passions? Can you really buy more time in your life? Is being a worker/consumer what life is about?

How about what motivates us like “Autonomy”- having choice and control over the work you do. ‘Mastery”- being challenged to learn and get better at wok that matters.
‘Purpose’- being part of something bigger as contributing to humanity.

Education could be all of these things if government did not take orders from corporations and those at the top that want you to be their slave.
We can do something about it but it is not printed on the voting ballot. You have to write it there.

Overhaul Government

We could change the corruption and have better representative government if we go back to drafting our government. Use a system similar to jury duty. Have a lottery of local citizens bring to the table about 100 if you need ten officials. Weed out the incompetent such as those with less than a HS education. Use one representative from the last government as a selector of the past government and one representative of the drafted people as the other. Out of the remaining candidates interview them and select the 10 most qualified. Have then serve one term and compensate them for their government labor equal to what they were making and provide equal pay to replace them at their regular labor.


This would make corruption less likely and provide a government by the people rather than government by an elite.

Common Purpose? TUPELO PLAN

How can we have community of individuals when the government wants widgets and not individuals?

A working community is many different plans and goals that accept the rights of others to want something other than what they want. Large systems work because the parts each have different functions that have different goals. One size does not fit all.

Other cities have tried comprehensive community initiatives that got bogged down for a variety of reasons; vague goals, strained relationships between the visionary officers of sponsoring foundations and leaders of local organizations, lengthy deliberations of community groups over the agenda, and strategies that were not always lined up with other community efforts. As a result, reformers and philanthropic program officers began to question whether a systematic, all-embracing approach to community improvement was practical. Small neighborhood holistic approach such as partnerships with nonprofits agencies have been incorporating child care, job training, recreation, and health care into small connected areas.

Change of zoning to have many uses such as retail, office, light manufacturing, farming, school, and residential all in walking distance. The biggest problem in Tupelo is low pay and high cost of living. The only thing taught in schools is to get a job rather than start a business of your own. The way a community grows is to keep the profits at home. This can not be done when we invite foreign corporations to use our labor and send the profits over seas.

Many great people and leaders did not graduate college as they had inspiration and put themselves in the middle of what interested them. It seems that certain powerful groups in Tupelo want to control labor costs and profit from that control we as individuals lose. Profit should be second to being happy as money can not buy that happiness.

Healthy eating and living is a start to a healthy body and happiness. Fast food is not the answer to making a better family or community. The stress and apathy can be seen in Tupelo’s voting record as the ballot seems fixed and no approach to a better Tupelo will be done if the old guard does not profit from it.

One size does not fit all.

Qualifications for Mayor.

A recent letter to the Editor of the DJ pointed that part of Mr. Pitts’ qualifications “he is a Christian, a church member and a deacon…… He also informed us Tupelo is in great standing with $18 million in reserve. His goal is to advance Tupelo by speaking to people of all the “positives” that the city has to offer and not dwell on the negatives” I guess he does not want to talk about the negatives. I have a hard time finding one item that he can claim as his own that has passed the council that did not come from Mayor Jack Reed. In fact he could not muster the votes to pass several proposals. I can think of several things he needs to to plan on. Start with roads. transit. Library and a  Humane Shelter. I’m not interested in his history I want to know where he would like to take Tupelo.  He says he will not make age an issue. He is 70 and Jason Shelton is 36. I look around and see all the new industry and technology and I don’t see any monoliths creating new technology or new industry. The time has come to give some of the power to those young creative people before they become corrupted by the “been there done that and wanna keep doing it to us group”. If we continue as we have there will be no one wanting to be Mayor or council persons. That is where we are now. Do you think I support Jason ?

Tupelo’s Hidden Agenda

Does Tupelo city fathers, power brokers, have a hidden agenda? From the many people I talk to on a daily basis there appears to be. First is the agenda of continuing the control of the many by the few.  Some think that only those anointed by the CDF, CREATE, City Hall, certain families or supported by the Daily Journal can be elected to office, thus preserving the elite establishment and the interests of certain people in the city citizenry. Of course there is a certain amount of “spoils” that go with being elected. However the thinking is, the control issue is obvious by who gets appointed to what committees and or task forces. There may be some truth to this but unless you get involved one should not expect to be appointed to anything. If you have complaints ask to be heard in the public form prior to the City Council meetings. You cannot be denied the right to be heard. Failing that, if you feel strong enough about your position run for public office. At least you will have a podium to air your views and may attract enough votes to get elected. In addition there is the Facebook site tupelotalks and this web site where you are free to espouse your views. I hear there is a large gp of citizens ready for change. What I don’t hear is anyone stepping up for change. Secondly I hear that there is a large degree of racism just under the surface that needs to be addressed. Do I believe racism exists in Tupelo? Yes. I have seen and heard it. There is concern about our schools. I believe that the school issues are being addressed. We need to continue to support Dr. Loden until he proves he is not the leader we are looking for. I don’t think that will happen. But until the other two issues are addressed the face of Tupelo will be drastically changed in the next five to ten years and not for the  better. You see when things go wrong and  taxes need to go up, those fed up with the closed system will just move and guess who is left. Those least available to pay for change.