This morning’s paper only confirms that those with finiancial interests have come up with a plan that sedrves their agenda and not the agenda of the people. The rental problem is not a rental problem but one of code enforcement and some rundown rental property. If you help lift people out of poverty with jobs or better jobs or better education you solve the rental problem and lift all boats.If the entire city was first class rental property would there still be a problem? If all high school grads scored well on the SAT and ACT would any of them have a problem finding money for the last two years of college. The first two are already available for free at ICC. We don’t need to spend money on college tuition and we won’t get new home owners by offering money to move to Tupelo. My opinion.

To Inform the Debate

Soon this site will post information reguarding a new approach for considering the priorities for the future of Tupelo, MS. Your comments will be welcomed and encouraged.


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