Sept 6 City Council

Appeared last night and spoke about the disconnect between the Neighborhood Development Corp. hearing Sept 19. requesting a $250,000 grant for “Homeowner Rehabilitation, New construction of Rental Units or Home Buyer Assistance” for the poor and the proposed city budget of $2,000,000 for those on the other side of the tracts. Of course I got no response, didn’t think I would. But for the record I had to say something is wrong in more ways than one. If you have not read today’s Daily Journal editorial pg, look at Bobby Harrison’s article. We, City of Hope, are not alone in our efforts. When the politicos are long dead and gone the City of Hope will still be here. We shall overcome. As we start putting together the group please let me know if you interest in serving on a committee. I plan on having a “core” gp meeting the last week of this month. jim