Council Post of 9/7/11

Earlier today I posted notice of my talk to the City Council. The WTVA news tonight reports that what was suggested just might become the budget. I proposed a pay as you go bare bones general budget and at this time no Capital budget. This includes no money for tuition, swimming pools, down payment  for new home purchases etc. Lets wait a while and see how the economy develops. Yes there is money in the general fund for street overlays, one new code enforcement officer and three new fire trucks  purchased via financing and not a bond issue and still give the employees a raise. To me this is good news. We can live with in our means and do what is necessary for our city. I finished my talk last night by saying “You may have the purse strings now but the last time I checked we still held the ballot box” Please, if you agree email your council person and any other Council person and tell them you appreciate their courage in supporting this position. They will meet again Friday afternoon and I know the Mayor will be twisting arms in the mean time. He is just one man we are a community. This  is a call to action.  Thanks. jim