Aquatic Center

As reported in the DJ the bonds to start the work are general obligation bonds. The notice on intent to sell these bonds include the mandatory wording that the plan will go forwardd unless there is a petition of at least 1500 registered voters, Tupelo resident registered voters, is presented calling for a vote.The dead line for submitting such a vote is the first week of December. Anyone out there interested in pursuing such a project. I really don’t know if there is enough public support/interest to defeat such a vote.It might be easier to get 1500 signatures and if each of those actually voted that would mean that the other side would need 1501 for a total of 3001 votes and that is possible. Any thought from all of you. This is one to weight in on and let your voices be heard. I am prety sure I have a copy of the previous petition by former Mayor presented to the Council. All I know is that I would sign such a petition to be able to vote on a project that commits us, Tupelo citizens, to pay back $13million dollars for anything. Project of this size I wold like to vote on this taxation even with representation.This is one of the items that got us started.

What Now?

Congratulations to all the winners and condolences to all the losers. Once again our Republic exercised the right to determine our representatives and several Constitutional changes. But what do we do now? Should we sit back and watch and do nothing. Sorry, but I don’t think so. According to the Mississippi Tax code private property is to be taxed at “fair market value”. There is a four year cycle of mandatory evaluation which will be coming up 2014 as the last appraisals were in 2010. In the statute there is provision for appraisal at other times. I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes, however my home as well as all of yours is worth at least 20% less than the 2006 appraisal which wasn’t changes in 2010. I am going to ask for a reduction in my home taxes based on my home being worth less. If you think your home is worth less you should ask for a reduction. In addition to paying less it will give this city administration less money to spend on swimming pools. I firmly believe that our taxes should be spent for necessary, needed and vital projeccts for our well being as citizens. What is your thought.