Daily Journal three day school system analysis

For the past three days the DJ has reported an analysis disecting the Tupelo Public School System. The articles have concentrated on the problems. The interviews for the article have been of those in power or those who have created or allowed this problem to happen. So after no offer of solutions and no real analysis of how this has happened. I am meeting with the writter of these article and have requested to meet with the Editorial Board of the DJ next week. This should proove interesting as our group was created to provide another voice. If there was ever time for another voice it is now. Those people in power or positions of influence has allowed this to happen to our city by beign neglect. It would be foolish to think that they will be the voices for change. There will be additional infomation in the coming days and possibly a meetign in January. In the mean time you should begin thinking aboutr the elections of 2012.The rumor mill says Jack Reed Jr. is not running for Mayor. We should put up a candidate. Additionally, in my opinion, several of the council people could be replaced. Let me hear from those of you that are interested in starting to take back our government of the people and makeit for all the people. You must get involved or be part of the problem. Which is it?