Charter Schools- Is It Time

The legislature has started us down the road to charter schools in specific situations. The bill, passed out of committee yesterday, will allow charter schools in districs with poor performing schools. The kicker is that it could be the death knell for the public schools in that district beccause the tax payer money follows the student, even to a charter school not in his district. How will schools already struggling do with fewer students and less funding. Will those students without transportation be left in the public school? Will the better teacchers go to the charter school? Will what is left be viable as a public school? This rush to charter schools is a result of the Republican take over of our state govenment. What concerns me most is just how much valid research has gone into this bill or is this a push to satisfy constituents dissatisfied with public schools and would rather try something new than fix what is broken.

Tupelo, Bridges Out of Poverty

Yesterday the Mayor reported on the status of the city. this was a rah rah rah speach about what has happened that is good in tupelo in the past year. No, I don’t have a problem with that. However it was entitled “State of the city” so almost all of the problems were not mentioned. I realize no one likes to talk about the problems but ignoring them won’t make them go away nor will it cause a discussion on possible cures.

Bridges Out of Poverty is a national program working in more than 40+ cities across America that lends a hand to reduce poverty in communities. Starkville started in Augfust and you can go to and see what is happening ther. It is not a government funded program but a grass roots endeavor. I have started it in tupelo and the first meeting will be March 1st, featuring Jodi Pfarr as speaker. Yes there is a fee, $70, to help me recover the more than $3,000 to start this. I don’t invest in failures and this project as I said before is working in many cities so why not Tupelo. This is for anyone who wants to try something that works and needs the training to be a leader. This is about those of us that are better off, helpiing those less well off. tI is not a government program, no hand outs on help moving forward. If you would like more information go to the Starkville site, google Jodi Pfarr, or go to bridges out of poverty and you will find many articles or sites. There will be future meetings involving Mississippi State Early Ed Institute and the William Winter Institutew on Racial Reconciliation. If you want to begin to change Tupelo you must start with the at birth citizen and his/her mother and father. This is the first step and you are not only invited but encouraged to join us in making a difference. We must change the generations of continued poverty. Starting with the new mothers and newborns, we begin to break the mental cycle of no hope. In the long run we will have more middle class, better students, less healthcare costs, less welfare, less crime and a better work force. Isn’t that what we all want. Isn’t that what is holding us back. No quick fix, just steady change year by year. The meeting is at the Link Center March 1st, invludes the days seminar, work books and lunch. For more info go to no www. Create is collecting the money and making a contribution. If you want to attend make your check to Create Bridges Out of Poverty and the same if you would like to make a donation as a sponsor. After the seminars, but not the same day, we will develope our own customized plan to reduce poverty based on the Bridges structure.