In one of my response posts I mentioned an incident at the airport involving a reportable acccident “incursion” that has bee ccovered up by the tower operators with the airport managers knowledge. Several weeks ago two 767 aircraft destined for the bone pile came in to land during a storm. The first one landed low/short and hit (tore ou)t some of the landingl glide scope landing lights. Airport employees went out to clean off the debre and the tower supposedly asked the second aircraft to go to Memphis. The second aqircraft said he could not and came in and landed while employees were on the runway. You can see the questions that should be asked and the terrible potential for a death.. Why did the first aircraft land to low. Why were the eemployees not cleared off the runway? Why was the airport not cclosed until the runway was clear? Why did the second plane not have fuel to go to an alternate airport. And after all this, how can there be a cover up if we , the taxpayer, are goiing to be paying to replace thiose broken landing lights. The owners of the airplane shoub be sent the bill. I’ll bet this was not discussed at the recent authoriyt meeting. Why is there no FAA accident report investigation? Additionally it is rumored tthat surplus/unusable airport property is being allowed to be taken home by airport employees. Surplus material or unusable material, even if it is used lumber or an old airconditioiner, should be declared surplus and sold at public auction. That is the law. Additionally one of the members of the board owns a hanger att he airport. I believe that that is a conflict of interest. Just as Billy Crews could not be an employee of the school system because he served on the Bankcorpsouth board which is the depository for the school funds This Authority member has authority over thigss that effect his hange and its vakue. Over the years we have allowed the Airport Authority to be come a private club for a few and some have had conflicts of interest or take care of just the private side multi purpose airport. This is a public airport and members of the Authority are responsible to the public to strictly adhere to the FAA safty rules and standards and at all times be ethical.. What is the justification for a longer runway than Midway Airport in Chicago? I think we should follow the money..There are many questions t obe asked and I am not sure any member of the Authority has the expertise to insure all FAA specs are being followed and the public best interest are being served.


This past week I received via email a request for Easter Saturday for cars not to be parked on my street, have all dogs put up and “You will not be able to enter or leave the neighborhodd during this time so please plan accordingly” When I questioned the Neighborhood Assoc. Pres he told me that he was just relaying what the “Downtown Neighborhood Asspc. sent him. My reply was as polite as I could be but I told him this government is not big enough nor does it have the power to holld me hostage in my house for two hours while a private organizations conducts a 5K RUN THROOUGH MY NEIGHBORHOOD. He said he had nothing to do with the planing of the event but was asked to let eveyone know. He said the local neighborhood assoc. was not consulted. There needs to be a race format/protocol developed to cover these evenets. I should not have to park my car several blocks away and walk back and forth just to leave my neighborhood during the two hour period. I would gladly comply if the people involved could learn PLEASE and THANK YOU. I am not opposed to races thru our neighborhood but I will not be told by anyone that I can not leave my property. We haven’t lost all our rights yet.

Elvis Foundation

Talk about out of control. Went to the Council work session last Tuesday to support the Spain house. While there the Executive Director of the Elvis Presely Foundation requested that the city double its contribution to the Foundation to cover unanticipated increases in utility bills. I thought we have had a mild winter. When he was asked to explain his budget he could not. When asked about cash in the account he had no explanation. He had no answers to any questions except their bills were double. If you owned a business and your utility bills doubled you would be asking why and getting answers. I called the Council an ATM for anyone that wanted city tax money. The thing that really concerns me is that Park and Rec Director appearently has the Birth place in the Park and Rec department and he was advocating the Council to double its contribution. I don’t know all the reasons why Park and Rec has anything to do with the Foundation.With an income of 3mil. annually the Convention and Visitors Bureau ought to be paying any expenses not covered by the Foundation. And by the way, how does our tax money go to a 501 C 3. Something is not right and it smells.

William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation meeting

The third part of the City of Hope, the WWIRR, held its first meetign last Thursday with approximate;y forty in attendance. The mix was wonderful as there were blacks. whites, hispanics, men, women. pastors, just people and law enforcement. Probably the first time in my 30 years in Tupelo, other than Thanksgiving community service where such diversity gathered. It was a good meeting from my perspeective. Everyone in attendence spoke and was not met with any comments about their feeling or comments. It was a listening meeting. What a refreshing change to just listen without being judgemental. Towards the end it was pretty well agreed on that Tupelo has an incomplete integration problem and needs to be addressed. The WWIRR took notes and will reconvene the meeting in April to offer suggestions toward a forward thinking program to begin a program of completeing integration. For more information go to the WWIRR web site and you wwill find a wealth of information to read. It is worth the time. jpn