What Next?

Do you get out of bed inspired for the day? Do you have something from yesterday you did not finish or solve? Do you have a plan for today? Is today’s life just like many other days in the past you do very similar things?

Some children go to school not because they are inspired but because they are forced to. The same goes for people employed. They perform needed tasks so they can survive or buy the goods they desire.  What a difference life would be if we did everything because we enjoyed it.  Do you think that is impossible?

We could just train or change ourselves to perceive the world we have been dealt as great or we can change the world to an environment we dream about.  Why do people give up changing things when they run into what seems like a wall?  Has your education trained you to not fight the system or your own emotional feelings.  Wisdom comes from understanding reasons for what we feel and perceive.  Setting ever higher goals rewards us with new and better feelings of accomplishment.

Setting priorities should not eliminate time set aside to be better. Many expect to finish school one way or another than make a living. Education is never finished it just comes in different forms rather than in the formal classroom.

Tupelo could be the very first choice to live in and enjoy an inspired life. All it takes is to get out of bed with a plan and the action to follow and change as you learn.

Why and How

Tupelo Talks needs a vision and mission statements.  We want to offer Tupelo the ability to change for the better but we need to pin down why, how, and what we are doing.  I challenge the readers to pool their efforts and post what you believe. With the charisma of a vision and energy of the community we can accomplish anything.

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Is 1/2 a cent per year enough?

In every state women make less for the same job. Unfortunately this is not just a gender gap but additionally it is a racial and ethnic disgrace. The wage gap is calculated as a percentage  by dividing the median annual earnings of women by the median annual earnings for men. Since 1963 the wage gap between women and men has been closing………..at a rate of half a penny per year.

Because of the large number of women joining the work force during WW  II the National Labor Board urged employers in 1942 to make the necessary adjustments to equalize pay between male and female employees doing comparable jobs. Employers failed to follow the recommendations but in addition when the war ended the women were pushed out of the jobs to make room for the returning soldiers.

Until the 1960s some newspapers published separate sections of job listings for male and female help wanted. In some cases the same job listed under both sexes but with different pay scales.  During the 1950 – 1960s the female typically made 60- 64 cents for every dollar the male received  for the same job. It wasn’t until the Equal Pay Act was passed in  June of 1963 that it became illegal to pay women less than their male counterpart. Differences in seniority, merit, and quality could be taken in to account but not gender.

In two law cases women gained additional leverage. In Schultz vs. Wheatin Glass the court found that jobs needed to be “substantially equal” not “identical” Nor could an employer simply change the job title. In Corning Glass Works Vs. Brennan the court ruled employers could not pay women lower wages simply because that is what they were traditionally paid  as the “going market rate”.  Simply saying that men would not work at the lower rate no longer was acceptable

The laws have changed to support equal pay, the want ad sections segregating jobs are long gone so what hasn’t changed. The wage gap has not closed in the 50 years since the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963. In 1963 women earned 59 % of wages men earned and in 2008 that rate had risen to 77%.

Where you would think the changes would occur most would be in the law and in the White House /government. Let’s take a look. Surveys show female attorneys make less than their counterparts. That difference can be as wide as $60-$70,000 per year. The reasons for the difference is that females do not get the credit for bringing in new business. Many time the female is expected to share compensation credit. Females do not serve on many boards of compensation nor are there as many sections heads. Without role models why would an associate even consider bringing up the pay differential to a partner. Obviously a female lawyer wishing to practice will accept the differential and keep her mouth shut if she wishes to become a partner. So, with almost half of the law school classes female should they not be demanding equality or do the schools practice the same thing..  Can you imagine going to a law firm to sue an employer that is doing the same things the law firm practices and talking to a male partner. In the last debate President Obama went after the Romney effort to attract women voters by attacking his position over equal pay. Despite Obama’s rhetoric, federal records show women working in his White House generally earn less than men… about  18% less.  That comes with many considerations. For instance there  are 7 females making the top $172,000 while 14 men make the same salary. The median salary for females is $60,000 vs. $71,000 for men as reported by the Free Beacon. Gender was determined by the name of the employee so there could be some revisions. Meanwhile the nursing profession has made strides to almost offer equal pay for male and female nurses. However male nurses at the director level averaged $86,000 while female nurse directors made $80,500. According to American Assoc. of Critical Care nurses once nurses reached the $100,000 there was little difference.Of course a nurses educational level has a large effect on salary. Bachelor’s Degrees, continuing ed as well as experience all play into initial salaries, assignments and future promotions.

On average Hispanic women make 44 cents on the dollar and African American women on average make 65 cents for every dollar the male makes. If the male makes $10 per hour and $400 per week the Hispanic woman makes $44 and the African American woman makes $65. Is there any wonder why poverty is the single biggest cause of academic failure in our schools. Single parent female families are worried about putting food on the table and clothes on children’s back.

The signing of the Lily Ledbetter law by President Obamba won’t help those women most in need of help in the private sectors.. Until there are work stoppages by large groups of females bringing attention to this inequity and demanding faster change or those “with” begin to look out for those “without” the one half a cent per year increases will continue.

A Lottery

The lottery is a vice based on ignorance of risk. It erodes people’s freedom to have the government ban it in Mississippi. This is another case of the government being a nanny so it can control your actions.  Research shows that those that play the lottery are those that can least afford it. It is a volunteer tax.  Smarter people use psychology to manipulate those that are less able to control their emotions.  Most marketing is based on emotional appeal. The main reason for things happening is cause and effect. Many rely on beliefs rather than knowledge and data to make decisions on risk. Most all professional gambling is designed for the house to win all the time and throwing some of the money back to the players. They use this payout as marketing tool to attract more losers.

The DJ uses the loss of buying power as a reason that they do not want legal lotteries in MS. Fact is savings also subtracts from spend able money.  Again it comes down to education and the lack of knowledge needed to live a successful life. Analyzing risk is not part of the “Core” tested skills needed to graduate.

The leaders do not want an educated population that can recognize how they are being psychologically manipulated because that affects their profits and income. They want you to believe in consumption and going into debt so they can have power over you. They create desires so strong that they skew your analytic mind to give them your money and put yourself in a spot of an indentured servant.

Should the lottery be legal? Yes, but any educated person would not play it. The risk odds are against you big time.  When is personal responsibility going to be a factor in school? Why is our system using agendas to prevent our children from understanding the world to a point of using risk as a factor in the actions they take? We can also look at insurance and the risk factors verse what you pay in premiums. Please help educate community children and become a mentor.

Teach to the Test?

Exactly what are tests measuring? Before we commit billions of dollars to test our school children we need to decide exactly what is important to learn as a child and how is the best way to learn it.  Basic literacy skills probably are near the top of the list along with morals and ethics. What is the best way to absorb these skills? Does one size fit all?

Any good accountant, scientist, or even a cook knows that amounts measured give results that predict cause and effect. How much of the measurements are personal perceptions from experience? Does every child learn to read the same way? Many educators through the years have come up with different methods. If a child can read does he understand the novel without understanding literary theory? Should reading a math problem have the same emotional charge as a poem? Do our children know how to tell the difference?

We have a huge problem with our education industry and money is not the answer. Until we address each individual child and provide the tools and mentoring that fits their style we are going to continue to have measurements that do not address the issues and mean very little to each having a quality life.

Tupelo’s future

Who will standup and be the next Tupelo leaders?

It is time to think about and start recruiting people that will guide Tupelo to the next level. In the past we have had old worn out ideas about how our community should face the future.  People like Fred Pitts, Mayor Reed, CDF, and Create are using models that no longer work. The Daily Journal is the mouth piece of the century old ideas as it sticks to a crumbling business model.

The younger generation coming out of college is disillusioned as it has no future in Tupelo. Even the Mayor’s own children have left Tupelo for opportunities. Our education system has failed with its one size fits all agenda based on Federal dollars, to create inspired and independent thinkers that will shape the future of the local area.

What can be done? Who will do it? If we must we may have to draft leaders reluctant to submit to the harassment of the now powers that be.  What is your opinion?

Tax the Internet?

Last week when Speaker Gunn was here on his state wide listening tour he heard from our Mayor Jack Reed. Just a day or two earlier a local business was reported in the DJ as downsizing and moving into another smaller space. It was reported  they could not compete with the big box stores and the internet. Without knowing whether there was a good business plan, poor planning, merchandise priced to high or just not a big enough market for their products. Mayor Reed asked for legislation to tax the internet citing the downsizing of this business. Have we not been in a recession? Some local merchants hav3e been able to compete with the national changes but not all.  It has been a long standing practice that if you bought a item in Memphis in the store but had it shipped to you in Mississippi you did not pay taxes. Of course that does not work for automobiles because of the amount of money and the ability of the state to track you because you must buy a license plate. However to tax the internet is a different story. Our Mayor, and I guess City Council since Mr . Pitts was present and made no comment, want to tax the internet purchases of products. I suspect their reason is not altruistic. More money available to government for spending. When you are taxed there is a measure of control taken away. To tax is to control. There is already enough competition on the internet. If you pay via Paypal the merchant pays an additional fee as well as the bank fee for the credit card transaction. Then there is the shipping charge. The merchant must absorb a lot of fees just to be competitive. In addition you will not walk home with your purchase. Several days later your item arrives and it may not be what you thought so you get to return it. A well run local business that offers what he client wants at a competitive price has many advantages. We are in the instant gratification age as a nation and unless the internet provides a product not found locally, buying locally and paying the tax is going to win out most of the time. As soon as the government can tax it has the ability to audit all of your business transactions. Hello more government in your life. Do not tax the internet. Think of all the mom and pop internet operations that do not have the ability to tax and keep all the records the government will require. I’ve got enough government in my life already including control of my wife’s reproductive choices..

Government Book of Waste

The new book of waste is out. My only regret is I don’t know who voted for this trash. I can tell who sought the funding. It is pork at it’s worst and all the slow BBQ cooking won’t make it easier to chew. $187,000 protecting a Michigan insect collection from other insects, a university study in New York on hookup behavior of college coeds $219,000, university study in Florida to determine if mice get disoriented when they consume alcohol $8408, foreign bus wheel polishers in California $259,000, developing a program to produce machine generated humor in Illinois $712,883, studying mating decisions of cactus bugs in Florida $325,394, University of Oklahoma sending three researchers to Alaska to study grandparents and how they pass on knowledge to younger generations $1.5 mil, 4 new buses for New Hampshire $2mil, putting free WiFi and internet kiosks and interactive history lessons in 2 Texas rest stops $413.8 mil, Minnesota on getting the homeless to stop smoking $230,000, researching how paying attention improves performance of difficult tasks in Connecticut $850,000, Deer underpass in Montana $1,239,693,  Arizona university for studing the division of labor in ant colonies $950,000, University of New York researching young adults who drink malt liquor and smoke pot $389,357. All waste Total of $4,891,645,229   No idea on study prep costs.

International Cuisine

If you haven’t tried Chrisina’s International Cuisine you are missing a treat. Entrees from Europe, the Mediterranean, South and North America make up a wonderful menu. They have no wine so you might want to check the brown bag rule. The restaurant is in the former Shogun establishment on north Gloster. Worth the trip. Moderately priced, good service and good food.