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Was recently reading an “out in right field” article about responsibility. The article was proposing that, in order, to have a child the father should have to have achieved a certain level of education and employment. The rational is not so very wrongheaded. Think about it, you must have a license to drive a vehicle, you must have proof of insurance to drive that car. To be a doctor, teacher, nurse, CPA, contractor, commercial truck driver etc you must pass tests showing your expertise in you area. Restaurants, hotels, places of assembly etc all have an inspection of some forum to protect the general public. Some level of safety is thus guaranteed to the public. Could such a responsibility policy eliminate abortion? What we do not require is a level of proficiency to have children. When poverty is growing faster than those paying the tab, should we not consider some level of skill to have a child. Think about our school system, health care, etc. A male responsibility law. Forget the condoms, birth control etc being taught or not in school. How about teaching  the “Responsibility LAW.  Boy, what a outrage that would cause by just about everyone publicly but I wonder how many would like to see a MALE proof of responsibility license to have a child. Since inception is impossible without a male component and since single family women mostly end up in poverty, the male should be required to show proof or responsibility. Having a child with out proof of responsibility results in your, the male, doing community service or paying a livable child support check each month until the child reaches 18. Government wants to protect us from everything that could cause us damage, how about protecting us from stupid child bearing. There are presently laws on the books requiring responsibility for fathering a child. It is time they be enforced.
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Rep Allen Nunnelee

Just heard our Rep say that the last thing he did before he left Washington was vote for a bill that would not allow Congress to get paid if they did not pass a budget. He may fool some but other federal law does not allow them to not get paid. Yes they, the Republicans in the House, passed a bill that has no teeth and expect we gullible citizens to believe what they say. I am tired of this BS. It is time for term limits.  With term limits the lobbyist  would have no power over congress except tot promise them a job after their term. Also illegal but done every day.

Tupelo Think Tank

Just a thought. We have about 5 or 6 individuals  that think clearly and see things from a myriad of perspectives. Would any of you be willing to meet on a monthly basis and talk about Tupelo problems and possible solutions? We as a city are  in trouble and I mean bigtime. Tuesday’s morning the DJ published a picture of the apartments on Jackson and reported them as the “DeShong” Apartments. The problem is Judy sold those apartments in the mid or late 90s. The rest of the story is she went ot the DJ and complained. Vigorously and with indignation. After investigation it was uncovered an agreement by the Mayor’s office and promulgated by the City Council not  to reveal the owners name as a condition of sale so the last owners name was used. Ms. DeShong, a Tupelo resident, property owner, taxpayer and business owner was thrown under the bus to save the name of a out of town slumlord. If you don’t believe, when was the last time you saw a correction on the front page of the DJ and the named of the slum lord. And now the Airport’s day in court will finally come. If I understood what I heard yesterday Terry Anderson will finally get his day in court, If the wheels of justice move any slower the present Director will be on his next job. Back to TTT. Could be fun and after the first or second meeting we could invite the press. What fun.

Why we need math in schools?

If the Federal Government was an American family budget

Annual Family Income——————————————$29,000

Family spending ————————————————-$38,000

New Debt in 2013 ————————————————$9,000

Credit Card Debt ———————————————-$164,450

Total expenses cut by budget compromise ———————$150

Constructive Paranoia

The ability to sense a dangerous situation, vigilant and on guard is a good description of constructive paranoia. The reality to the delusion of positive thinking that is missing real opportunities to solve problems. Tupelo has the cheerleader mentality. It is all hype like you find in sports, just a way to manipulate emotions. The Mayor and his wife put on a happy face and do not admit that things are wrong or need more than a cheerleader.

Marketing and the media such as the Daily Journal refuse to cover the facts as they distort them to avoid people from being creative and fixing the problems. Many times the paper admits it is only going to publish positive things. Positive thinking ignores constructive paranoia and the benefits it brings.

As a young person in NYC I felt I knew it all and had a sophisticated understanding of the world and could take care of myself. I made it to this age so I did something right but not without some scary and interesting escapes from cultures and situations I did not know to fear.

We need to apply more constructive paranoia to the present political structure and be asking many serious questions on how exactly we are going to survive especially when we are borrowing our children’s future.

Presidency 2.0

President Obama enters his second term as President of the United Sates with a 52% approval rating while the Republicans hold a 26% approval and the Speaker of the House an 18% approval rating. I would think that this is President Obama’s moment to fulfill the dream he created when he first ran for President. “Change” He can go big and become the leader he can be. However, the list of obstacles is formidable. Immigration reform. Gun control. Sequestration. Debt ceiling. Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security reform. Energy policy. Mental health. Ending what ever you call the Afganastan occupation.Yes there will be Republicans who view things differently, but that does not require them to block action without an alternative. The President can lead with confidence and expect passage of legislation that addresses these issues.

Things are great on Wall Street and not so great on Main Street. While the stockmarket has fully recoverd and exceeded the 2009 levels the unemployment level has improved back to it’s 2009 level but there are more people in poverty and thousands have just plain stopped looking for employment.

Can Congress pass legislation for a budget while kicking the can down the road on raising the debt ceiling for the next three months? Needs a leader.
Saying “I will not negotiate on the debt ceiling” is not being a leader.

The American public approve legislation by wide margins to require all guns sold to have a background check, eliminating the seni-automatic assualt rifes and limiting gun clips to ten or less. Can pass but requires a leader.

There are so many opportunities to lead American back to the pre-eminate position in the world, but it takes leadership. How do I define leadership. One who is willing to take a chance at loosing is a leader. John Wayne defined it, as well as courage, as the willingness to mount up even knowing you could be shot. Of the past eight Presidents serving two terms, only two, Ronals Reagan and William J. Clinton have left office with higher ratings than when they entered office. It would be nice to see that become three.

So Presidency 2.0 begins. No honeymoon, just back to to work and hopefully not the same ole story. While America, for the next four years, will surive it can blossome with a leader willing to lead. I pray for both courage and leadership for our President.

“Politicians should back off from schools”

This article appeared in January 20th Daily Journal, editorial section, and should be read by everyone interested in education. The article was written by Jason Webster, a Tupelo resident and teacher at Northeast Mississippi Community College. “Accountability is fear: Responsibility is love. To understand why so many of Mississippi’s public schools are failing to educate our children, you must grasp the difference between these two words, between the language of accountability and the language of responsibility.” Everone insits on “accountability” and teaching for the test. I have always marveled at how much a child learns between birth and kindergarten with no teacher, other than parent. Even the child of the worest least educated parent learns. Maybe not what we would like but the amount learned is still beyond belief. Many children learn their A B Cs, how to read a little, a little math, (one is more than two) how to act. The power of obversation and trial and error is phenomenal. How to walk and run, identify objects, likes and dislikes, talk even if a limited vocabulary, ride a bike, throw a ball and the list goes on. If you have chilren think about how much your children learned before they reached kindergarten or first grade. I would almost bet that pre kindergarten level of knowledge of Mississippi children is equal to or almost the same as children throughout the nation, yet we are ranked at or near the bottom by the time a child gets to the end of high school. The difference between accountability aand responsibility is as wide and deep as the Atlantic ocean. In my view my children’s teachers have a responsibility to our children and not to the schools administrators. The administrators should have an accountability to the public to insure that this responsibity is understood and is working in the classrooms.

Transportation in Tupelo

Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time


Jeff Speck (Author)

This book has the agenda 21 message which I disagree with, but he brings up many issues about urban living to be considered in transportation planning.

Could Tupelo be next on the list?

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, who captured the drama of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 with an “SOS” call to the nation, was indicted Friday on 21 federal corruption charges, including bribery, money laundering, fraud, and filing false tax returns.

Nagin allegedly defrauded the city through “a bribery and kickback scheme” in which he received checks, cash, wire transfers, personal services and free travel from businessmen seeking favorable treatment, the 25-page federal indictment says.

Tupelo needs an  audit from top to bottom by the FBI. We have had many sideshows of alleged corruption from the airport to minority hiring. Many poor business dealings benefit only a few such as the grants they get. Free federal money ultimately corrupts good people. I think the local schemes are more sophisticated, maneuvered by attorneys and politicians to cover many bases. What happened to those lost files? What is the gap in the recording?

Teachers are Not the Problem

“Let’s hold teachers accountable.”


Political propaganda, teachers have no control over education as the government provides the rules to dumb down the students. Busing has been a failure as big schools that take children away from walking to school. Integration will not happen in schools and putting children on public transit has destroyed education and cultural integrity. Teachers average the lowest IQ of all college graduates. Many quit in the first few years. Without experience in success in the private sector teachers become professional students with a goal to please the administration.

Hold administration accountable. Measure student success by if the can demonstrate skills projects in their inspirations. The student should be able to function in society and start a business by the time they graduate from H.S. They should have morals and ethics of the community and be able to qualify to enter college.

Stop hiring teachers and start hiring mentors as most everything can be found on the web. The model of the classroom is not fit for every type of learning style. Stop grouping children by age and group students by ambitions and abilities.

Teachers are not the problem the system is the problem.