Hope to Action

Why the poor do not have opportunities? The World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC), lend money to large corporations that have a better credit rating than a poor person with a need to start a business. It takes money to make money and the poor can not make it to the first rung of the economic ladder to get a record of paying bills on time. This situation prevents them from getting a loan for a business.  Yes there is much education needed to teach important business practices and responsibilities.

How to start a fix? First, all the government laws against monopolies and antitrust need to be enforced, this will enable us have a fair capitalist economic system. Then regulations reduced to only important issues and not have regulations that stop competition from small business. For example a beef farmer can not slaughter his own without employing a full time government inspector and provide the inspector with a private restroom. Change corporate charters to also have a part what they do for the public good beyond make money for investors. They should have employee ownership and be limited to a size not too big to fail.

High school requirement should include a business class that teaches the full procedure to start a business and keep books for that business including taxes and regulations. Business plan writing is a must for any person living in a capitalistic society. Adults need to be competent in writing a resume and filling out forms from business to tax and doctor forms.  Learning how to research any information you need to be successful should be a requirement before leaving public school.  Last but not least all you need to know about having children supporting them and being responsible citizen.