After passsing the Senate bill temporiarily fixing the fiscal cliff, Congress failed to take up a bill for those hurt by hurricane Sandy. New Jersey Gov. Christie immediately held a press conference and held the Speaker Boehner and Republicans in Congress responsible for not passing the $65 billion dollar bill as passed by the Senate. You ought to take the time to look at the bill as passed by the Senate for those Americans hurt by the hurricane. In that bill was a lot of pork not related to New Jersey or New York. How about fish hatcheries in American Samoa, Puerto Rican Rum, the Hollywood movie industry and new roofs for Smithsonian buildings in Washington and more. What a bunch of crap. Our wonderful Senate led by the most dangerous man in America, Senator Reid, allowed this pork to be included. Several amendments were offered to delete the pork but with a Democratic majority they didn’t fly. I am sorry for the people of NJ an NT but this is not the way to spend our money. Let’s spend $65 billion right after we pass a tax bill and then immediatrely add to the national debt. Only about $9 billion was to be spent in this fiscal bill. I wondered why some of the democrats were so adamant that the House needed to pass this immediately. Please don’t read what the money was going for just pass it and the pork was good to go. Now we ought to pass help but only that part going to NJ and NY that pays for damage by Sandi. We do have a sspending problem in Congress, Mississippi and locally. When will it stop?

Tupelo’s Hidden Agenda

Does Tupelo city fathers, power brokers, have a hidden agenda? From the many people I talk to on a daily basis there appears to be. First is the agenda of continuing the control of the many by the few.  Some think that only those anointed by the CDF, CREATE, City Hall, certain families or supported by the Daily Journal can be elected to office, thus preserving the elite establishment and the interests of certain people in the city citizenry. Of course there is a certain amount of “spoils” that go with being elected. However the thinking is, the control issue is obvious by who gets appointed to what committees and or task forces. There may be some truth to this but unless you get involved one should not expect to be appointed to anything. If you have complaints ask to be heard in the public form prior to the City Council meetings. You cannot be denied the right to be heard. Failing that, if you feel strong enough about your position run for public office. At least you will have a podium to air your views and may attract enough votes to get elected. In addition there is the Facebook site tupelotalks and this web site where you are free to espouse your views. I hear there is a large gp of citizens ready for change. What I don’t hear is anyone stepping up for change. Secondly I hear that there is a large degree of racism just under the surface that needs to be addressed. Do I believe racism exists in Tupelo? Yes. I have seen and heard it. There is concern about our schools. I believe that the school issues are being addressed. We need to continue to support Dr. Loden until he proves he is not the leader we are looking for. I don’t think that will happen. But until the other two issues are addressed the face of Tupelo will be drastically changed in the next five to ten years and not for the  better. You see when things go wrong and  taxes need to go up, those fed up with the closed system will just move and guess who is left. Those least available to pay for change.