Government Tyranny

“Mississippi’s only abortion clinic missed a Friday deadline to comply with a state law requiring each of its physicians to get hospital admitting privileges.”


One of the reasons Mississippi stays poor and refuses to change its culture. Ending unwanted pregnancies will happen if it is legal or not. Those too dumb to figure it out will just add more to the welfare roles. Ever wonder why government does not work?

Making laws that people will not obey does nothing but promote lawlessness.


Are we free to be responsible for our lives? Do we have to have laws dictating every move we make? What has happened to the responsibility to survive?

Text of the 2nd Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Notice it does not say Federal Government but State. It seems concentrating power in a united way changes a State to a party member with few individual rights.

Is the United States too big to fail? Do we need a Constitutional Convention to change the Constitution to fit beliefs or do we need to restructure the way we agree on common goals? Do we even have common goals?

There is something seriously wrong with America and government services and laws are not going to fix it. We live in a world that thinks growth is the answer to finite resources. Central control is not going to make people responsible for their survival and living together in harmony when growth is reducing material resources for most all humans.

The sun has been the main source of energy on earth. Fuels are nothing more than stored solar energy done by biological matter. Biological humans are using stored energy faster than the sun can make it. This also affects the carbon cycle that separates carbon from oxygen when the energy form the sun is applied to plants. Then millions of years later the fuel has been concentrated and we burn and release the stored energy and rejoin carbon with oxygen.  This process also affects the climate. It adds heat to the atmosphere and traps the short wave radiation that would have escaped to space; it is like insulating the attic to keep the house warmer when you are warm enough.

Distractions such as psychological problems caused by too much growth and quick fix for bigger problems changes humans to rats caged in a frustrating world.

Are we being responsible for survival?


“Collapse” by Jared Diamond


In “The World Until Yesterday,” Jared Diamond holds up tribal groups as a mirror for our lives and asks what they can teach us about parenting, elder care and conflict.