Presidency 2.0

President Obama enters his second term as President of the United Sates with a 52% approval rating while the Republicans hold a 26% approval and the Speaker of the House an 18% approval rating. I would think that this is President Obama’s moment to fulfill the dream he created when he first ran for President. “Change” He can go big and become the leader he can be. However, the list of obstacles is formidable. Immigration reform. Gun control. Sequestration. Debt ceiling. Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security reform. Energy policy. Mental health. Ending what ever you call the Afganastan occupation.Yes there will be Republicans who view things differently, but that does not require them to block action without an alternative. The President can lead with confidence and expect passage of legislation that addresses these issues.

Things are great on Wall Street and not so great on Main Street. While the stockmarket has fully recoverd and exceeded the 2009 levels the unemployment level has improved back to it’s 2009 level but there are more people in poverty and thousands have just plain stopped looking for employment.

Can Congress pass legislation for a budget while kicking the can down the road on raising the debt ceiling for the next three months? Needs a leader.
Saying “I will not negotiate on the debt ceiling” is not being a leader.

The American public approve legislation by wide margins to require all guns sold to have a background check, eliminating the seni-automatic assualt rifes and limiting gun clips to ten or less. Can pass but requires a leader.

There are so many opportunities to lead American back to the pre-eminate position in the world, but it takes leadership. How do I define leadership. One who is willing to take a chance at loosing is a leader. John Wayne defined it, as well as courage, as the willingness to mount up even knowing you could be shot. Of the past eight Presidents serving two terms, only two, Ronals Reagan and William J. Clinton have left office with higher ratings than when they entered office. It would be nice to see that become three.

So Presidency 2.0 begins. No honeymoon, just back to to work and hopefully not the same ole story. While America, for the next four years, will surive it can blossome with a leader willing to lead. I pray for both courage and leadership for our President.