Constructive Paranoia

The ability to sense a dangerous situation, vigilant and on guard is a good description of constructive paranoia. The reality to the delusion of positive thinking that is missing real opportunities to solve problems. Tupelo has the cheerleader mentality. It is all hype like you find in sports, just a way to manipulate emotions. The Mayor and his wife put on a happy face and do not admit that things are wrong or need more than a cheerleader.

Marketing and the media such as the Daily Journal refuse to cover the facts as they distort them to avoid people from being creative and fixing the problems. Many times the paper admits it is only going to publish positive things. Positive thinking ignores constructive paranoia and the benefits it brings.

As a young person in NYC I felt I knew it all and had a sophisticated understanding of the world and could take care of myself. I made it to this age so I did something right but not without some scary and interesting escapes from cultures and situations I did not know to fear.

We need to apply more constructive paranoia to the present political structure and be asking many serious questions on how exactly we are going to survive especially when we are borrowing our children’s future.