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Was recently reading an “out in right field” article about responsibility. The article was proposing that, in order, to have a child the father should have to have achieved a certain level of education and employment. The rational is not so very wrongheaded. Think about it, you must have a license to drive a vehicle, you must have proof of insurance to drive that car. To be a doctor, teacher, nurse, CPA, contractor, commercial truck driver etc you must pass tests showing your expertise in you area. Restaurants, hotels, places of assembly etc all have an inspection of some forum to protect the general public. Some level of safety is thus guaranteed to the public. Could such a responsibility policy eliminate abortion? What we do not require is a level of proficiency to have children. When poverty is growing faster than those paying the tab, should we not consider some level of skill to have a child. Think about our school system, health care, etc. A male responsibility law. Forget the condoms, birth control etc being taught or not in school. How about teaching¬† the “Responsibility LAW.¬† Boy, what a outrage that would cause by just about everyone publicly but I wonder how many would like to see a MALE proof of responsibility license to have a child. Since inception is impossible without a male component and since single family women mostly end up in poverty, the male should be required to show proof or responsibility. Having a child with out proof of responsibility results in your, the male, doing community service or paying a livable child support check each month until the child reaches 18. Government wants to protect us from everything that could cause us damage, how about protecting us from stupid child bearing. There are presently laws on the books requiring responsibility for fathering a child. It is time they be enforced.
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