Wage rip-off locally and state wide

How many workers in Tupelo are caught up in the “temporary worker” and “contracted worker” schemes? Everywhere that I turn it seems that the most promising opportunities for meaningful employment at a livable wage are only available if the prospective employee is willing to work with a blood sucking eel stuck to his/her back. If a factory or construction company is willing to pay the “contractor” $13/hour and the worker gets $8.50/hour who splits up the $4.50 balance? Maybe there’s a kickback to the local business manager? Or maybe a kickback to a corporate H-R manager? Everyone just seems to accept the situation as being “company policy” and that’s a crock. Of course, the Daily Urinal’s position is to pat the company’s management on the back and congratulate them on their generosity in being here. The Daily Urinal has ZERO concern for the thousands of their subscribers who work hard for a living and see a significant part of the amount they are worth being bled off to someone in management. It appears like a 19th century coal mine camp scam. ┬áThe situation is pouring money into the pockets of some wheeler-dealers and their buddies at the employer’s office.