Having the Tools to Survive

Our world is a reality of more and more people chasing finite resources. Food, water, health services, shelter, and the concept of happiness are all things that require work. As the competition gets rougher the morals and ethics get less. How long and how far can we go before it all collapses? How much work does it take to survive? How much education does it take? How much creativity and suffering does an individual have to have to succeed?

Is it just luck or the conditions you are born into? What effect comes from the causes you enact? These are the basic questions that need to apply to all government actions.


The UK is in line to become the first country to allow an IVF technique using DNA from three people to create a baby, in a bid to eliminate genetic disorders.

Is Mississippi ready for the future?

Change is Here

Now we have a new media that is not controlled by the power structure. It will print your concerns, ideas, and investigate your tips. It can only be successful with your input.

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The voters of Tupelo have made some significant changes at city hall

With a new mayor who is a Democrat what can we expect from city hall? I am anxious to see how things change for the city as the pecking order of all city government officials change.  The outgoing administration has thrown away $millions of future tax dollars on the hot tub for the hoity toity and that leaves Mr Shelton and the council working under a leaking roof with half the lights out. I hope the young mayor is up to the task.

AMA Declares Obesity a Disease

The American Medical Association voted this week to declare obesity a disease, a move effectively defining 78 million American adults and 12 million children as having a medical condition requiring treatment.

Why not look at the bigger problem? Our leaders are not addressing the cause they focus on the symptoms instead. Problems are not as simple as the media and money makers would like you to believe. Each individual has genes from a long line of past humans that have adopted to certain living conditions and environment.  One size does not fit all as each has different needs to fit their genes. Life changes very slow and the capitalistic market place changes the environment a lot faster than the human condition can keep up.

It seems to me that this change to make obesity an official disease is a political maneuver made by big money to empty the pocket of the common man and add to the riches of the insurance, big pharma, medical industry, and all those including government at the expense of all those that are slaving away at jobs to support families.

The FDA is not protecting the population from the marketing and manipulation of the food and drug empires. Much of what is offered in the market place is not healthy or beneficial to the vast array of human health in a diverse society. The marketed lifestyle has one purpose and that is to make profits regardless of any concern for the health and life of the customer. The Public education system is also bought and sold to those that profit and lobby the laws.

Our leadership has failed because of lack of knowledge and values.

Tyranny of Selective Enforcement

Who gets to decide who is punished for not obeying the law? Exactly what is the priority of law enforcement when there are not enough resources? Could it be race, gender, income, status in the community, political party, sexual preference, age, etc., that picks a person as an example? The media has a big play in public opinion and what issues are emotionally entertaining. The media is controlled by corporate interests that reflect political power and marketing.

Why does the surveillance of the phone system not address the any no call violations as they have a federal agency that is assigned to enforce that law? Why do the interests of political groups get to arm criminals yet crack down on innocent citizens? Why do billionaires get away with avoiding taxes through loopholes and the average citizen pays a larger part of their hard earned wage  money to the government? Why are large internet companies making billions from as individual is giving freely to the internet?   Why are Americans forced to buy insurance from private business and forced to use and pay for services they do not need?

Our country has come a long way from the ideal of freedom and liberty the founding fathers envisioned. The concepts were being responsible for your life and contribute to the social contract. What we have now is a system where slaves are taken care of by masters, not very well I might add. This is not a system of justice it is a system of power abuse.

Just In Time

Does “just in time efficiency” fit human demands? Most business ventures require 24 hour a day use of the investment in equipment and labor to compete for the ever shrinking profit. Historically humans adjusted to Mother Nature and lived with her cycles. Today we have a man made environment that eliminates bio rhythms and replaces them with machines. What is it to be human and what is happiness from a perspective of human biological subjective view? Does the mathematical view of capitalism or communism fit the whole human ideal?  It seems humans are not consistent and take different stands based on emotions which have many causes.

I think we need to learn more about what it is to be human before we completely alter the human environment.

Too big to fail?

Gannett Co., the global media company, said Thursday it will buy Belo Corp. for $2.2 billion. The deal will make Gannett the USA’s fourth largest owner of major network affiliates, reaching nearly a third of U.S. households.

“This deal is about much more than broadcast,” Gannett CEO Gracia Martore said in a note to Gannett employees. “It significantly expands the reach of Gannett overall. We will solidify our position as the largest local media company. . . . This increased reach will give us an even greater opportunity to leverage our hometown advantage and strong brand leadership across all of our businesses.

Why is the government not stopping media monopolies? Could it be easier to control the media when there are fewer players?

Bio Technology

Mississippi is behind in the major research in bio technology. Today the courts said you can not patent human genes but you can patent all man made genes and life. Frankenstein would love to be alive so he could create synthetic life and sell it. The average H.S. graduate does not even have the intellectual foundation to judge the moral and ethical issues of modern human endeavors. Corporations hire high price lawyers to manipulate the courts and public to milk them dry as the public fails to have the ability to understand the political issues of the future of their children.  Many politicians can not grasp the scope of actions they take in leadership roles when the big picture is not within their ability to understand but a minority of voters has faith in them.

Should we allow government to make babies out of a dead man’s sperm?

Inovative alternitives to boring failing public education.

Placing students in clusters according to ability, a tactic once rejected over concerns that it fostered inequality has re-emerged in classrooms all over the country.

The problem is who gets to decide and how what abilities a child has. Many tests are flawed and many teachers do not have the insight to discriminate in an unbiased way. We know that children as well as adults do better in life when they are surrounded by peers that challenge them to push the envelope of their abilities.


The one size fits all mentality of the present education system has failed as well as forced integration of children that do not get along with others that do not share anything in common. Age is not the only factor that determines a child’s mental and physical growth curve.

There are eight different learning styles that children follow in various degrees. Most children that are prescribed drugs to gain their attention simply have not been inspired by the correct learning style of their ability.

If we develop different clusters of programs that fit individual personalities we would start to see a much better spending or our educational dollar.

Siren Servers

How computers make poverty is a big picture event that local government has not addressed.  Big business collects information and data from billions of people and uses super computers and algorithms to calculate how to profit from that data. For example if people on social networks are talking about the big tailgate party in Oxford Walmart will stock up on ice and charge more for it that weekend. It gets much more complicated than that as the MIT graduates hired to write code of these algorithms that skirt the SEC laws and take advantage of the trading rules to do about the same thing as a card counter at a casino. Their higher mathematics is always a step ahead of the government.

The result in the present system in the big picture will produce short term profits and long term unemployment as this information edge concentrates wealth from the middle class to a few Siren Server controllers. It moves the middle class to poor and the poor never have a chance no matter what government builds or provides.  It becomes a feudal system not a fair democracy. No job is safe when computers move labor to the lowest cost. Without an income the game loses consumers.

We can not let anyone collect information about us without payment for that information. That includes all movements when carrying a cell phone, all security cameras, all GPS systems, all money transactions and every keystroke on the web.