Siren Servers

How computers make poverty is a big picture event that local government has not addressed.  Big business collects information and data from billions of people and uses super computers and algorithms to calculate how to profit from that data. For example if people on social networks are talking about the big tailgate party in Oxford Walmart will stock up on ice and charge more for it that weekend. It gets much more complicated than that as the MIT graduates hired to write code of these algorithms that skirt the SEC laws and take advantage of the trading rules to do about the same thing as a card counter at a casino. Their higher mathematics is always a step ahead of the government.

The result in the present system in the big picture will produce short term profits and long term unemployment as this information edge concentrates wealth from the middle class to a few Siren Server controllers. It moves the middle class to poor and the poor never have a chance no matter what government builds or provides.  It becomes a feudal system not a fair democracy. No job is safe when computers move labor to the lowest cost. Without an income the game loses consumers.

We can not let anyone collect information about us without payment for that information. That includes all movements when carrying a cell phone, all security cameras, all GPS systems, all money transactions and every keystroke on the web.