Inovative alternitives to boring failing public education.

Placing students in clusters according to ability, a tactic once rejected over concerns that it fostered inequality has re-emerged in classrooms all over the country.

The problem is who gets to decide and how what abilities a child has. Many tests are flawed and many teachers do not have the insight to discriminate in an unbiased way. We know that children as well as adults do better in life when they are surrounded by peers that challenge them to push the envelope of their abilities.


The one size fits all mentality of the present education system has failed as well as forced integration of children that do not get along with others that do not share anything in common. Age is not the only factor that determines a child’s mental and physical growth curve.

There are eight different learning styles that children follow in various degrees. Most children that are prescribed drugs to gain their attention simply have not been inspired by the correct learning style of their ability.

If we develop different clusters of programs that fit individual personalities we would start to see a much better spending or our educational dollar.