The voters of Tupelo have made some significant changes at city hall

With a new mayor who is a Democrat what can we expect from city hall? I am anxious to see how things change for the city as the pecking order of all city government officials change.  The outgoing administration has thrown away $millions of future tax dollars on the hot tub for the hoity toity and that leaves Mr Shelton and the council working under a leaking roof with half the lights out. I hope the young mayor is up to the task.

AMA Declares Obesity a Disease

The American Medical Association voted this week to declare obesity a disease, a move effectively defining 78 million American adults and 12 million children as having a medical condition requiring treatment.

Why not look at the bigger problem? Our leaders are not addressing the cause they focus on the symptoms instead. Problems are not as simple as the media and money makers would like you to believe. Each individual has genes from a long line of past humans that have adopted to certain living conditions and environment.  One size does not fit all as each has different needs to fit their genes. Life changes very slow and the capitalistic market place changes the environment a lot faster than the human condition can keep up.

It seems to me that this change to make obesity an official disease is a political maneuver made by big money to empty the pocket of the common man and add to the riches of the insurance, big pharma, medical industry, and all those including government at the expense of all those that are slaving away at jobs to support families.

The FDA is not protecting the population from the marketing and manipulation of the food and drug empires. Much of what is offered in the market place is not healthy or beneficial to the vast array of human health in a diverse society. The marketed lifestyle has one purpose and that is to make profits regardless of any concern for the health and life of the customer. The Public education system is also bought and sold to those that profit and lobby the laws.

Our leadership has failed because of lack of knowledge and values.