Can Happiness be bought?

Freedom is another word for what? To be free is to be without being forced to follow the mob. The Pied Piper has no allure for me including TV, music, sports, consumption, partying, dancing, holidays, entertainment, games and most other marketed propaganda to buy happiness. I am an American that should be free from mob rule. But the government has used its taxing power to manipulate people’s lifestyle to fit a standard mold. Free is one size does not fit all. Each individual can have different dreams without causing problems to the ability of others finding their dreams.


I do not ask to be saved, supported, educated, fed, insured, or sheltered. I only ask to have my right to be free protected including having private property. Early on Tocqueville recognized the tyranny of community in America. Each state had their own idea of freedom. Thirteen agreed to join for the purpose of common interests. As time brought different states and views the fight of, too big to fail, came to control the divided interests.


Most came here voluntary to get away from control of loss of freedom and some forced under slavery. The tyranny of community has not changed much under the central control, it just goes underground in a web of polite spin. The fight of subjective and objective continue as long as people are individuals. Without the surprise of individuality life might just be about buying happiness.

John Heer is resigning from the hospital

Things on South Gloster seem to be coming unglued. The high dollar addition to the western face of the hospital is not quite finished yet drastic cuts in the budget are now being mandated. Three top executives in recent months have now called it quits. We may never know who owns the hospital but whoever it is, he/she/they are unhappy with the current course despite the Baldridge Award. Could the new faces at city hall have any influence on the situation at NMMC?  The hospital is a grand cash cow for someone(s) and close scrutiny from any angle might make for some unwanted attention on those who wish to remain quietly wealthy from questionable business practices………… If there are any, of course.

What motivated Tupelo to elect Jason Shelton mayora/

I’m curious as to what issues motivated the people of Tupelo to cast their votes for Mr Shelton and against Mr Pitts in the election. Was it the pro-Shelton that carried the day or the anti-Pitts?

I must say I am impressed that the young new mayor is making every effort to be the gentleman and statesman that is required to hold the somewhat diverse factions of Tupelo’s population together, though tenuously, at best.  City government now must deal with the $millions borrowed to build the aquatic center and the on going urban re-development  and the on going road construction and so the prior mayor/council’s whims and fancies have been left for their successors to complete and pay for leaving little to the discretion of Mr Shelton and current council. It’s amazing that the fiscally conservative Republicans of prior years spent so freely the money of the next administration. Maybe Mr Reed and Mr Pitts saw taking care of themselves and their friends came before taking care of the people waiting for the train at Crosstown as they drive home from their minimum wage jobs. Seems that way.

But how about that election? And what do the Republican movers and shakers across the state think about how easily the voters here shunned the party of Fox News and Glenn Beck?

Is Negative Bad?

Pointing out problems seems to be a poor way to motivate people many psychologists proclaim. Understanding cause and effect creates a much higher probability of success. So is it hope and luck or hard work and planning that give the desired result? Many shun hard work and planning as it does not have the immediate good feeling hope gives. Do people do things for feeling or results?


Much of the propaganda in self help books focus on feeling because a depressed person does not take the action required to make things happen. What is it in the mind that makes people successful? Each and every person is different and has a different set of abilities and deficiencies. The government cry is everyone is equal and has programs to force that issue but in an equal world there is no unique way to strive and succeed. If each individual took advantage of their abilities and played down their deficiencies each has a unique chance to succeed in different ways. Do we really want to be equal?


For example many people born blind find a talent that they have that exceeds the sighted persons ability. Our education system needs to help each find their abilities and strengthen them as well as shore up the weak points. Will a common core do that? Does pointing out the problems with smoking result in a bad situation? The tobacco companies fought the facts for years because they had something to lose but today they just are selling more than before except to third world countries. Has the health of Americans improved? Have we just exchanged smoking for other problems? Questions need to be asked even if we do not like the answers but then we just might get depressed as 38 million Americans take antidepressant drugs. Many more take legal and illegal drugs to cope with life.


There is so much to understand and knowledge does make feeling good more difficult but it becomes a unique challenge for each individual. An excellent life long learning goal helps over come the tallest challenges.

It Takes a Village

Tupelo has been looking for solutions to attracting more desirable citizens. Most of the dream is based on a fictional middle class family belief. Today’s world is different than Ozzie and Harriet but the American dream is still alive. Move out of the city to the suburbs started with public transportation to the city that offered employment and entertainment. Villages grew around the train stops. Most everything was in walking distance since they did not have many cars then. Homes were close together and people knew all their neighbors. Basic needs were in walking distance and the people knew the shopkeepers.


Then came the auto and zoning laws that put residential far from commercial business so you needed a car to get the basics. The suburbs grew farther outside the city and the distances between work and home greater. Soon people spent more time in their cars than with their family and neighbors. Schools started busing and children no longer had neighborhood to play in now everything needed to be done by car.


Tupelo could bring back the village but it needs to change zoning and the concept of making decisions on tax income. Local schools in walking distance along with all basic needs in walking distance. Jobs in local residential areas etc. Public transit connecting the groups of villages.


It takes a change of mindset and a vision. I think the city leaders do not want a village they want tax money.

The Common Core

The Common Core, a set of standards for kindergarten through high school, as  an early adopter of the new standards, released results from reading and math exams showing that less than a third of students passed.


The past 40 years of the busing experiment has failed as children have been reduced to widgets to take multiple choice tests. They memorize the answers and then forget them all to make good marks on tests so the system rewards keep coming.


In real education one size does not fit all and teachers have to treat each student as an individual perhaps be a mentor rather than an administrator of spoon feeding and testing. Teachers have had their hands tied because of teacher evaluations based on testing. Teaching as learned in college has became more of a production line rather than nurturing the nation’s youth to be knowledgeable and pursue wisdom.


When corporations used their lobby money to create a society of workers/consumers they did not think of who would lead. Public school should not be training for a job that cuts training costs for anyone can hire and train a worker. We are using tax money to fund corporate training which is not giving our children a fighting chance to be quality human individuals. What public schools are needed for is to open the world to young people to understand the responsibilities of being free and having liberty to control your own life and be a responsible citizen.


We should expect more for our hard earned tax dollar.

Where is the waste?

Should such a big portion of the gross domestic product be used for entertainment? So much fuel, energy, time, materials, resources, and lives are spent on such things as sports, movies, games, parties, entertainment, getting high, and distractions I wonder if that was put to productive use what life would be like? What if work was play and the same effort to make progress was very enjoyable?

Ever wonder why we need to buy fun and enjoyment?

Growing Disrespect for Government

The more poor laws that are made the fewer people are obeying them. Humans are far from perfect and tightening the screws only leads to rebellion. Laws that continue to put force on human behavior fail in the long run. Laws to be inspected on travel that invade privacy. Laws to watch with pictures, sound and location such as cell phones, security cameras, computer tracking and recording, traffic surveillance, monitoring work, tax records, education records, licenses, security systems, credit cards, discount cards, surveys, drones, voting records, RFID chips, court records, etc. all take freedom to be private away.


A whole industry to circumvent the laws is growing such as radar detectors, surveillance detectors, white noise, hoods, distorting glass, jamming equipment, plastic guns, fake ID, scrambling programs, black market, secrete currency, home made drugs, laser tools, chemicals, etc.


We can not make laws that force people not to be human and we can not behave in ways that endanger others and their rights.