The Common Core

The Common Core, a set of standards for kindergarten through high school, as  an early adopter of the new standards, released results from reading and math exams showing that less than a third of students passed.


The past 40 years of the busing experiment has failed as children have been reduced to widgets to take multiple choice tests. They memorize the answers and then forget them all to make good marks on tests so the system rewards keep coming.


In real education one size does not fit all and teachers have to treat each student as an individual perhaps be a mentor rather than an administrator of spoon feeding and testing. Teachers have had their hands tied because of teacher evaluations based on testing. Teaching as learned in college has became more of a production line rather than nurturing the nation’s youth to be knowledgeable and pursue wisdom.


When corporations used their lobby money to create a society of workers/consumers they did not think of who would lead. Public school should not be training for a job that cuts training costs for anyone can hire and train a worker. We are using tax money to fund corporate training which is not giving our children a fighting chance to be quality human individuals. What public schools are needed for is to open the world to young people to understand the responsibilities of being free and having liberty to control your own life and be a responsible citizen.


We should expect more for our hard earned tax dollar.