What motivated Tupelo to elect Jason Shelton mayora/

I’m curious as to what issues motivated the people of Tupelo to cast their votes for Mr Shelton and against Mr Pitts in the election. Was it the pro-Shelton that carried the day or the anti-Pitts?

I must say I am impressed that the young new mayor is making every effort to be the gentleman and statesman that is required to hold the somewhat diverse factions of Tupelo’s population together, though tenuously, at best.  City government now must deal with the $millions borrowed to build the aquatic center and the on going urban re-development  and the on going road construction and so the prior mayor/council’s whims and fancies have been left for their successors to complete and pay for leaving little to the discretion of Mr Shelton and current council. It’s amazing that the fiscally conservative Republicans of prior years spent so freely the money of the next administration. Maybe Mr Reed and Mr Pitts saw taking care of themselves and their friends came before taking care of the people waiting for the train at Crosstown as they drive home from their minimum wage jobs. Seems that way.

But how about that election? And what do the Republican movers and shakers across the state think about how easily the voters here shunned the party of Fox News and Glenn Beck?