Concerning the damage that 747s do to the airport taxiway

Has anyone considered that reducing the tire pressure on those planes before moving them off the runway might greatly reduce, if not eliminate the damage to the paved access? Even I can understand that it is the weight per square inch on the pavement that causes the problem and not the weight of the plane. An empty plane rolling at walking speed requires only enough pressure to keep the rims from breaking through the sidewalls.

So many lawyers and engineers and politicians and so little common sense.

Public Transit?

Here’s an innovation in bus usage that’s so smart we’re not sure it can even work: Helsinki’s Kutsuplus lets you select your pick-up and drop-off locations and times, using a phone app, and then sends out a bus to take you exactly where you need to go.

You don’t get the bus to yourself, of course; Kutsuplus cleverly bundles you with other people going the same way. But it beats standing on a street corner forever waiting for a bus that will take a roundabout route to your destination.And while it’s a little more expensive than a standard bus ride — the equivalent of about $5 base price plus $2 per two miles, while most bus rides would be $2.75-$5.50 — it’s still significantly cheaper than a taxi.


Jim we all wish you well and hope for the best.