Speaking in Public

During the last mayor election cycle I had a chance to listen to both candidates in person. I am not a seasoned critic but I can tell you both speak on a novice level, why are we missing great speakers in Tupelo? Could it be the public education system or maybe just the lack of pride in what comes out of our mouths. Why not have citizens that capture an audience like Marcus Tullius Cicero has done.


Could it be a lack of preparation or practice? I have come across an excellent way to improve public speaking skills be it on the job, teaching, church, public meetings, or even at a friendly dinner party and get together s. Anyone can be the hit of the evening with some education on what makes a good speaker and or leader.


Starting January 7 of this new year there can be a new start to gain skills that will let us shine in any endeavor we choice to communicate in. Toastmasters is a non-profit club that welcomes guests and provides support to become better speakers and leaders. Toastmasters will be meeting at ICC in Belden the first and third Tuesday nights at 6 PM in a classroom on the second floor.


Who knows you might make some new friends and find opportunities.


Wormholes — shortcuts that in theory can connect distant points in the universe — might be linked with the spooky phenomenon of quantum entanglement, where the behavior of particles can be connected regardless of distance, researchers say.

Scientists have long sought to develop a theory that can describe how the cosmos works in its entirety. Currently, researchers have two disparate theories, quantum mechanics and general relativity, which can respectively mostly explain the universe on its tiniest scales and its largest scales. There are currently several competing theories seeking to reconcile the pair.

Intriguingly, quantum mechanics also has a phenomenon that can link objects such as electrons regardless of how far apart they are — quantum entanglement.

“This is true even when the electrons are light years apart

“Entanglement is one of the most bizarre but important features of quantum mechanics,” Jensen said. And if entanglement really is connected to wormholes, that could help reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity, the two examples of this phenomenon, on tiny and huge scales.

Einstein derisively called this seemingly impossible connection “spooky action at a distance.” However, numerous experiments have proven quantum entanglement is real, and it may serve as the foundation of advanced future technologies, such as incredibly powerful quantum computers and nigh-unhackable quantum encryption.