Transportation is the current issue but it ignores the larger problem of income. With the city providing school buses and building school far from home the student is trained to avoid community and spend on living far from daily activities. The system is broke and our leaders made it that way. Putting band-aids on past mistakes will not improve people’s lives. The local representatives of the poor want cheap public transportation but their thinking is not clear because public transit only takes away valuable time that a person could be spending doing something constructive.


Due to the increased cost of energy and equipment as well as labor transportation has become a problem for sustainability to the traditional American life style. No longer can we just expect the lifestyle of our parents.


The current survey has identified ways to make life better for the poor and elderly with transporting them to needed activities. How to accomplish this in the manner that provides the most benefits to the most people is the problem. Taxing hard working people to shore up the poor is not the best way to bring the transportation problems to a close. Perhaps removing barriers that stop ambitious people from coming up with solutions that they can do is a better road to travel.


Ride and cost sharing using cell phones and the local people that travel in empty cars could provide a way to get people to the places they need to get without adding more use of fuel and equipment. The labor cost would be using computer programs already written and a small management service which could start in the new small business center.