Stem Cells

Mississippi has long keep science from progress in the state. The results has been a backwards culture that has beliefs that refuse to accept science. This idea of future has increased unemployment and made MS a welfare state.

“Life truly is a miracle at every step of the process, all the way from conception to birth. One of the coolest aspects is how, out of a clump of indistinguishable stem cells, a living thing complete with hair and skin and organs is formed. The stem cells begin to “specialize” to form their respective components, but for years science has searched for the catalyst in humans (the process has been understood in other animals). Now, it appears that researchers from Rockefeller University have cracked the code: In a laboratory setting ,the missing component wasn’t chemical, but geometric. Confine the stem cells properly, and they organize on their own.

“Understanding what happens in this moment, when individual members of this mass of embryonic stem cells begin to specialize for the very first time and organize themselves into layers, will be a key to harnessing the promise of regenerative medicine,” says lead researcher Ali Brivanlou. “It brings us closer to the possibility of replacement organs grown in petri dishes and wounds that can be swiftly healed.” “