the Airport again

Two weeks ago the airport fired two and one couldn’t stand it any more and left the job. On employee Josh had been trying to get rid of for some time and actually fired him about a year ago but the Authority rehired him. The second firing was the individual that wrote a critical letter to Mayor and the City Council about how the FBO was being operated. “Whistleblower” Fired I think we may be close to out of employees.

Mississippi Again Behind the Curve

Synthetic biology sees life as an engineering project— a repertoire of processes that can be reprogrammed to produce technologies and products. It envisions powerful new tools for constructing biological parts. Many in synthetic biology celebrate technologies like automated DNA synthesis as agents of “democratization,” potentially allowing easy and widespread access to custom-made DNA. According to their vision, these technologies will enable bioengineers to freely experiment with living systems, accelerating progress in innovation and producing enormous benefits for society.

As political forces fight to get sales tax from consumers the big fish are getting away. It comes down to beliefs and education of the leaders holding back innovative research and the benefits it brings. Yes there are ethical questions but why not adjust to them after the discoveries? Do not imagine problems that will not be an issue. If Tupelo does not do it somebody else will.

Value of Time and life

I’ve taken up a new habit of asking successful people I know: What is your career strategy? I ask it casually, and in person, because I want to see their body language and get a sense of just how front-of-mind their answer might be.
The future is uncertain and we are horrible at predicting it. The best we can do is make thoughtful choices.What is true of companies is true of careers: you cannot become great by choosing to simply play.

What are the hidden costs of your productivity? If your calendar is a reflection of your priorities, then what are the neglected areas of your life that are suffering because of an unbalanced approach to work/life?For example, are you investing in your relationships? Are you investing in fun? Your portfolio will have its ups and downs, and Hot Spots allow you to identify areas that need the most attention. They can help you find key indicators for your personal performance. The portfolio metaphor helps you carve out time for what’s important.

Catching up.

Actually a year ago this month I went to the University of Chicago for some pretty serious surgery. Obviously it was successful but being on the table for sixteen hours has taken longer than I had anticipated. Still have some not so good days but they are getting fewer and fewer. Seems like when I left things were up in the air and not much has really changed. The airport is still a mess. I did chair a committee on which airline we should pic and the Authority chose the other one. Now they are backtracking on what they are obliged to do according to the DOT awarding of $2+ million to Sea Port.
Every time I pass Jackson and Clayton I still see the boarded up apartments. I thought we were told by the last administration they were purchased so they could be removed.
I guess some things never change. I found it hilarious that the Council rushed to purchase Azaela gardens but had no plan on what to do with them. so we have an auction and then demolish the apartments and leave the rubble. Someone forgot to plan what they were going to do with the rubble so Century Construction steps in for $100,000+ to help the city get rid of the trash. Somethings just never change. Thought we had a planning department.
And there is still talk of a Transportation system and that is all it is. Just talk.
Yesterday afternoon there was a meeting in the Mayors office about the airport. Understand those in attendance are unhappy with the way the FBO and airport in general is run. Of course all the Mayor can do is appoint members tot he Airport Authority and hope for the best. Good Luck
Anyway I am glad to be back and look forward to more posts