In Private Papers, A More Candid Tim Geithner Speaks Out

“Nothing with Congress was on the up and up,” he writes. “Only the slimmest pretense of seriousness.”


How will the world be better off thanks to you having been on this earth?
What are your unique gifts and superpowers?
Who have you been when you’ve been at your best?
Who must you fearlessly become?

“The worst of this matter is that everyone must more or less act with insufficient knowledge — “go it blind,” as they say. Few can afford the time to try what suits them.”
William James

Carrot and Stick

Public education is based on punishment and reward of the Skinner/Pavlov conditioning. This is what is used to train animals. Are our children animals?
How about quality of life and passions? Can you really buy more time in your life? Is being a worker/consumer what life is about?

How about what motivates us like “Autonomy”- having choice and control over the work you do. ‘Mastery”- being challenged to learn and get better at wok that matters.
‘Purpose’- being part of something bigger as contributing to humanity.

Education could be all of these things if government did not take orders from corporations and those at the top that want you to be their slave.
We can do something about it but it is not printed on the voting ballot. You have to write it there.

The Academy for Life Long Learning

The Academy for Life Long Learning
Tupelo, MS
I propose that the Education Task Force for life-long learning initiate and support a program open to the community so that we may provide learning opportunities exclusive of those found in other community resources. With such a program, we may provide services that include classes, presentations, talks, discussions, and demonstrations, all of which may enhance the community well-being, offering an opportunity for teachers, speakers, artists, facilitators, and others who wish to practice their craft to do so. Such a program may enhance and enrich life in Tupelo for all citizens and guests.

The opportunities for social betterment are sometimes limited to overly familiar routines. A program like this shall offer opportunities for people of diverse cultural backgrounds to share common interests and to find a refuge away from the unhealthy habits of daily television watching. With such opportunities, people of various ages may learn joyfully, without monetary pressure and without feeling obligated to have or receive a certificate or a degree. They may participate in dialectical discussion in subjects of interest, as well as pursue artistic endeavors, all with an eye to achieving that wisdom not often enough pursued in school or the work place.

The City of Tupelo has many resources, some of which are underutilized. We can organize and recruit the controlling interests in those resources to provide for their public use. Schools, Churches, public buildings, private buildings, parks, and other facilities, can all be used for places of teaching and learning. We can also use the City web site to replay learning events of interest. Many public announcement publications and media will want to keep the public informed on these non-profit events.

No doubt that we will need some funding and volunteers to continue these types of services. There are many avenues a sub-committee could look into for this aspect, such as donations, perhaps even a voluntary collection like some museums do, memberships with special perks, grants, subscriptions or published materials both in paper and electronically, etc..

I have been a key player in the start of another Institute at Mississippi State University so I know this is feasible and can be done. It will take some time, perhaps a year, if we have all the key players.

This is something I know we can accomplish if the community has the will.

Crimes of Humanity

“From Tupelo talks Facebook;I believe the brother left three children. What makes one person more important than another. I thought we are all God’s children and as such equally precious.”


Church does not represent reality only dreams of how things could be. I see no evidence of a benevolent God only humans that have a variety of shortcomings. If there is a creator it made humans flawed and creative for the purpose or humans are an image of a flawed God. It seems to me that value is a perception based on needs, wants, and desires. If that is the case not all humans have the same value and are not equal and precious. When you increase supply beyond demand the price goes down such it seems with humans. If you overpopulate human life has less value. I you subscribe to the public education system success is all about having more. They provide school with tax money so the children become valued workers that produce more so they can consume more. Sounds very materialistic to me. Is life about material wealth or something different like wisdom or spiritual wealth, perhaps just pleasure is the purpose of life? Not everyone values the same purpose so we are not equal or precious just another human on a planet with limited resources to survive.

P.S. I do not say this to offend anyone just something to think about.

Too Big to Fail

“A way of life is eroding as small towns hemorrhage younger residents.”

When federal government controls a national lifestyle individual cultures go away. Allowing corporations to become too big to fail kills the very ideals America is all about. The young have no opportunities in small towns especially when big box stores monopolize the consumers. Lobbyists manipulate national laws to favor big corporation putting a road block on small business. For example if a farmer wants to slaughter some beef he has to have a full time meat inspector and build him a private bathroom. Many local people rather buy local and support their neighbors but the federal government will not allow it. The laws favor making people into workers rather than owners. This is very little difference than a socialistic state. We all know that socialism results in worker apathy.

“First, consider just how vast disengagement has become. Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs the rest” lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organisational goals or outcomes.”

Newman Facebook

“Read the article on the inside front page of todays DJ. It seems that some Nazi war criminals who escaped into America as well as some I think who were simply allowed in have been exported and are still continuing to receive social security as a bargain to leave peacefully. I have no problem with these people receiving up to the amount they put in to the SS system. However I have a big problem with our government using other tax payers money to continue to pay these criminals after what they paid in runs out. Where does our government get off making deals with criminals where we American tax payers subsidize these people. And while I am at it why do we taxpayers pay so much in insurance and the profit making companies pay minimum wage that forces us to cover their employees bills in the emergency rooms. Meanwhile the profits of all these hotels and restaurants are deposited in our banks and transferred out the next day. The time has come for some form of minimum wage that allows a livable income and forces people and all companies to to pay for medical coverage. Not only do we eat the food, pay the bill with a profit, add a tip because the employees don’t make enough, we then subsidize their medical care with our increased insurance payments when they go to the emergency rooms. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture beside me?”

Lisa reply
Many Nazis wee brought over to work because of their skills, they were not criminals as they worked under fear of their government. I personally know Wernher von Braun’s daughter Margrit who lives near Nashville. Like any other immigrant they part of the social security system if they worked even a shot time. Social Security is a ponzie scheme not insurance or retirement savings account. The idea is to pump money into the system making consumers so people can have jobs. It was all part of Keynesian economic model to end the depression.

Minimun wage increase makes many problems as the supply of money increases so does prices. They you have too may people chasing too few goods. This leads to hyper inflation. You gas would cost $50.00 a gallon. All the people above those making minimum wage would also demand a raise. World trade and the dollar being the reserve currency would effect the 3 billion people living on $2 a day. Those 3 billion would have less to live on so the 50 million American workers can buy more would not sit well with the World Bank and United Nations. In the big picture the American worker is competing with the world’s poor for a limited amount of resources to survive. Why give $24 a day for welfare to a person that does not contribute to humanity when 1.5 billion are working for $2 a day? Most people around the world do not have health care. Why not have insurance at all and make people pay for the service they use? If the west truly understood the population factor that is destroying the environment and survival of humanity they would be talking about how to control the growth of population especially in families that do not have the skills resources or ability to raise children. The one most biggest threat to mankind is making children they do not have resources for.

I know on a mico level low wage creates many problems. They local children are going to have to learn to be better at competing in a world market and moving to places that offer opportunities that match their passions and skills. Many children do not want to get out of the nest or support themselves as it takes responsibility which does not come when government forces a wage increase. The wage increase has to also reflect an increase in production. Better yet start their own business. Perhaps Government can relax regulations that prevent individuals from going into business like dropping forced health insurance.

Just something to think about 😉

It Is Not My Job

The typical response from city workers. or education system with multiple choice questions has reduces life to a set of rules rather than personal judgements. You can not write rules to cover all cases and need to hand over responsibility to individuals to judge. When the system gets bogged down with laws regulations and rules it becomes an excuse for people not to think and use judgement. This is the very reason our country is failing and will continue to fail as common sense has been replaced by rules just as it could be driven by computer. Quality of life depends on personal choices not on regulations that prohibit people from being human.

The trend to avoid personal responsibility and make government be the insurance company has forced entire generations not to have a view of public responsibility.


Is marriage a religious tradition? If so why have government control it? In a country that values freedom, are we not free to make contracts? Does the government tell us who we can contract with? Yes the government courts enforce contracts. Do we give up personal freedom and responsibility when we allow government to to force personal behavior control on who we can love? Should government be in the business of love and family relationships?
Mississippi is again behind the curve in attraction creative people as it will be the last to be forced to give the citizens the freedoms this country was founded on. You can not force tradition on individuals or protect them from themselves. It is not a good idea to give special tax breaks on the basis of who people love.

How about eliminating all marriage laws and government benefits to those laws and just have contracts between parties that are enforced by the courts. let the word marriage be of religious tradition and not part of government.


Why do I continue to stay in Mississippi? We are last in the firsts lists and first in the last lists. So I have looked around and although things could be better there are similar problems in other states I might consider moving to. So here is my plan. I have contacted the Mayor and offered to volunteer for the Tupelo Airport Authority. I really don’t expect anything to come from the offer but I might be surprised. Second I live in House district 17 presently represented by Brian Aldridge. I believe a change is needed. I am thinking and planning. The time has come for legislators who are not afraid to vote for the people and not just re-election. If I decide to run I will need a lot of ground help and money to buy those stupid signs that seem to hang around for many months after election. What are your thoughts. Any call from your friends to the Mayor to support my app for the TAA would be appreciated.