Gay Marriage

Again the State Government has wasted tax payer money making laws that discriminate by using religious dogma. Mississippi will always be last if it is not secular. It is science not religious doctrine that gives the best probability of cause and effect, the very decision mechanism that allows us to control the future. Why do some people want to force their beliefs on others?

“Truth always rests with the minority … because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by the gangs who have no opinion.”

Famous Last Words

‘Watch this.’

Social Support

Overall, 93% of the 86 million Americans 16 and older who aren’t looking for work say they don’t want a job. The total figure is up from a decade ago, and the change is most stark for young people. Around 30% of young Americans of working age in 2000 said they weren’t looking for work, compared to nearly 40% today.

When you can survive without making a contribution, morals are gone, as people believe the government is required to support them. Is this the world we want? What happens to the spirit of those paying the bills?

Minimum wage is a leaning wage not designed to be a living wage. If a person does not learn to do better it is not the taxpayer fault. Increasing the minimum wage steals and taxes everyone with inflation.

What poverty does to the citizen;
Alcohol and substance abuse
Unsafe work environments
Poor living conditions
Heightened chance of disease
Food-related illness
Shorter Lives
Shrunken Brains
Mental Illness
Anti-social behavior

Why are the same leaders still reelected?


The very nature of learning depends on a person being curious about the world around them.
Anxiety and curiosity are two opposing systems. Fear kills curiosity. Children who grow up in environments of profound physical or emotional uncertainty often seem to be incurious at school, but it’s because they can’t afford to concentrate on anything other than survival. They need to attend to who is on their side and who isn’t, on how to avoid the worst from the grown-ups on whose care they depend, or with whose carelessness they are stuck. That takes up most of their cognitive resources, with little left over for playful exploration.

What we have is poor parenting makes poor adults and school can not change that. If public education is not going to address parenting skills the future is lost to ignorance.
How about a school to educate people thinking of being a parent? It would be much cheaper than busing, no child left behind, and core bench marking.

Ideally, the impulse to invent emerges organically, from witnessing—or, even better, experiencing—something that isn’t working and then not being able to rest until you fix it.


Charles Limb: Your Brain on Improv

Mississippi has an opportunity not to be last.

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has given three companies provisional approval to open four medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Like it or not the country is changing. Just think of the entrepreneurial spirt living off your taxes when those young men could be paying taxes. Making laws that can not be enforced only hurts everyone and causes disrespect for all laws. Write your law makers today and stop being last in everything.

For example;Jake Browne, the first pot critic for The Denver Post, is paid to smoke marijuana and then write about the high.

In New York City, Marijuana May Not Mean an Arrest
The New York Police Department is poised to stop making arrests and to issue tickets instead, said police officials.

“Once again, researchers have failed to find any conclusive evidence that marijuana use causes mental health problems. The researchers note their findings are nonconclusive, that they might be skewed by other factors, and that effects, if any, could be temporary, Tvert said. “The study doesn’t justify keeping marijuana illegal, nor does it say anything about making it legal. There remains no doubt that marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol to the brain and to the rest of the body. The possibility that marijuana might have some harm for some people — but might not — is not a good reason to keep arresting and punishing hundreds of thousands of adults simply for using it.”