A Better Choice

By William Moore

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Jim Newman has joined Mark Prince as a candidate for open House District 17, which represents the southwest portion of Lee County.

Brian Aldridge, a Republican finishing his third term as the District 17 representative, has announced he will not seek re-election.

Newman, a 73-year-old Tupelo retiree who is a lifelong Republican, is switching to the Democratic Party in his bid for the Legislature.

“The Republican Party left me long ago when the Tea Party and ultra-conservatives took over,” said Newman. “It got to the point where they don’t want to talk and I think we have got to be able to find a middle ground.”

He said his platform will focus on education, health care and job creation.

“My grandchildren are the reason I am running,” said Newman. “I think there is a way to offer a good, quality education to students and that starts with full funding. What we’ve been doing for the last 12 years isn’t working.”

He also hopes to work with local leaders to secure more and better jobs for Tupelo and Lee County.

Prince, 44, a Tupelo businessman, qualified for House District 17 as a Republican earlier this month. Political observers believe at least one more Republican and possibly another Democrat will enter the race.

The deadline for candidates to qualify is Feb. 27. The party primaries are Aug. 4 with the general election on Nov. 3.


Jim Newman for Dist 17 MS House of Representatives

I have been thinking about running for the House of Representatives for District 17 that is presently occupied by Brian Aldredge. He is not seeking re-election. It seems to me that many of the pressing issues are not defined as Republican or Democrat but rather about our children, our healthcare, our jobs etc. How ever the tenor in Jackson these day is ‘I am right and you are wrong’. Our legislators toe the party line without thought about how we the citizens feel. This is not confined to just Mississippi but to national politics as well. Can one man/woman make a difference. The answer is yes. I am going to try. So tomorrow I am filing to run for the House of Reps Dist 17. To those of you who have followed my blogs you pretty well know where I stand. I have not change and will not. I will need you support, if you live in Dist 17 I will need your vote and lastly I will need your financial support as best you can. If you can afford $20 it is just as important in getting our message out. We will have a web page up in a few days and will advise you how to get to it. You will be able to make a credit card donation on that page . Remember no donation of $200 or less is required reporting. Every dollar will count.

Education quality is more valuable than tourism

Tupelo is focused on the wrong business. Tourism brings poverty and education brings growing ideas. See this blog post about Santa Fe.

“Sums up some of our challenges here in Santa Fe – misses a few – but when you are 49th in the nation for child poverty, education, and economic recovery a single blog post couldn’t sum it all up, right?

I agree that we need to move our economy forward – Santa Fe has too long coasted on being at the top of tourists’ lists – at the expense of a necessary startup culture. Sadly, our city’s current economic development office has no idea how to cultivate a startup culture and lets over 500 young professionals graduate and leave our small city every June. (I would argue that Boulder’s best economic asset is its university, centrally located.)”

If Tupelo continues to support a job training school like ICC which buys canned classes and spoon feeds high school level slide shows that can be done on line we have lost the meaning of education.
A university’s first order of education is to help the student find their purpose and passion then give the tools to follow it. Tupelo is afraid to give individuals the personal responsability to lead them selves to a quality life. The propaganda machine in the local media is to make worker/consumers rather than citizens that forge new paths.

Demand better higher leaning than job training.

Compromise Politics

Jim Newman said “I hope that you read the front page article in today’s DJ ( Area Legislators want more on initiative alternative) wherein Rep.. Gary Chism R -Columbus says he will vote to support the legislative leadership initiative to put an alternative initiative to the citizen sponsored initiative on the ballot. This citizen sponsored petition is a petition I signed just like thousands of other Mississippians. Now the Governor and the Lt. Gov. want to offer an alternative petition to the citizen sponsored petition that would require the legislature to fully fund the Adequate Education Bill passed so many years ago but only funded twice since its inception. Earlier I opined that I was tired of unnecessary spending when we had real needs to be funded. But Rep. Chism needs to be recalled. He said and I quote, “I am going to do what ever the leadership decides to do”. Unfortunately this is the attitude of so many of our Republican legislators. They don’t think on their own. They are so afraid of offending the Imperial Governor and Lt. governor that they are afraid to think for them selves or represent the people who sent them to Jackson. Look for more of this. As I said I am getting tired of this. We have the same problem in Washington. How much will you take? It is election year.”
Politics is to give in some to get what you want. There is another petition to be on the ballot that would legalize marijuana and tax it. That would provide money for education.
There will be a town hall meeting this week in Tupelo to gather signatures and answer questions about a ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana in Mississippi. The Mississippi Alliance for Cannabis will meet Tupelo Pubic Library Tuesday from 6 PM to 7 PM to get their petition signed to get the issue on the ballot also.


What is your purpose in life?