Government Funding

Each year government borrows money to fund government programs and puts money into the economy. Since the world uses the dollar as the reserve currency U.S. inflation does not reflect the true loss of buying power of the dollar. Taxes are mostly behavior control to manipulate citizens behaviors like Pavlov dogs. The state’s behavior is manipulated by how the federal government deals out the cash back to states. Since MS pays low wages the amount of federal tax collected is less than the federal government gives back and that makes MS a welfare state that has behavior its controlled more.

The eduction system has problems for several reasons. First there are the federal strings attached because of federal funding and second there are the poor qualities of the employees that the low pay hires. The best staff leaves for better paying opportunities in other states. MS cost of living is no lower than most places in the country that have higher average wages.

This all is very evident and points to corrupt politics. If we want to make a better quality of life and higher standards of living we will have to reject the present leadership and create our own economy without being fleeced by international corporations.

Is Government Qualified to Regulate Education?

Charter school “authorizers” are charged with making sure schools can be trusted with kids and with public money. Problem is, many lack the tools to do the job.

Mississippi Education

“The Mississippi House approved, with limited debate Wednesday, a proposal that would increase spending on the Mississippi Adequate Education Program by $106 million for the upcoming fiscal year.”

Still not the full amount and still not focused on the children but a start to afford changes in a broke system. The Education System in the U.S. is broke and throwing money at it is not the answer. We have from the start parents that do not have the abilities to raise children. These parents dump the children on the state. The best of what happens to them is the state educates them to be a worker at a job below the national average.

There are so many problems with both the economic and educational systems it is hard to find a stating point. Each individual is different as they live for different reasons and they do not have the goal to be a worker/consumer which the educational system expects and sets as a goal. Education is to inspire the individual to be what makes them most productive and happy.

We have 28 % of our third graders that can not read. Why? parents, teachers, environment, psychology? One size does not fit all. The legal system and laws have set systems that do not work, but they fund them and are required for Federal funding. These systems require an army of administrators to audit the system for accountability. It does not work we are not making widgets in a factory under quality control. Each chid requires special handling and attention to bring the best out of them. This was at one time the parent’s responsibility but today parents do not have the ability to raise the child. 60% of children are born to a single parent.

The fix requires public and parent involvement it will not happen with just throwing money at it. Talk about how to fix the schools and what is important in educating a child. I suspect reading is at the top of the list.

The statistics tell us that most people never read another book after getting out of school. Perhaps there is a need to remove the TV from the household.

What are your thoughts?