Wednesday Candidates fourm

Depending on which side of politics are you may or may have not enjoyed the debate. There was the appropriate “family values mantra” with no explanation of what family values are. There was the call for abolish the IRS, Department of Education and the Department of Energy to cut federal spending. Abolishing any of these of these will not address the real issues of entitlements. The there were the calls for more conservatism by reducing the  amount of money the fed sends to the states. So let’s consider the Fed sends no money to Mississippi. More than half of our state budget comes from the Federal government. What do we do when we can’t even fund our necessary departments. Schools, Highway Patrol, Infrastructure, Medicaid and Medicare and the list goes on. No on said how we would make up for the loss but from my perspective try this on, raise taxes, have a lottery and make the poor poorer, pass a medical marijuana bill and tax the growers, raise  gasoline, cigarette or liquor taxes. In short there is no way to accomplish the pork reduction coming to Mississippi and continue to be  first in all those categories. No Mississippi department is flush with extra cash. The Hospital in Greenville terminated 27 nurses and three staff members last week because of to much charity work eating their money . Oh that is right we are already on the bottom. Can’t get any lower. Thank God for Trent Lott, Thad Cochran, Roger Wicker, and Hailey Barbour all King of the pork. If you don’t believe just look at all the projects Tupelo has undertake the last three years and look at the millions of dollars of federal dollars are flowing into Tupelo. Don’t talk to me about conservative when you don’t talk about what happens when you cut the pipeline to Mississippi.