Bumper Sticker

At the Wellness Center this morning, I know it is hard to believe, I saw a sticker and it simply said, “If the 99% voted the 1% would not matter”. How true and sad.

Reasons for Mississippi to be in last place

Chattanooga’s transformation has been decades in the making, but the construction of one of the largest and fastest Internet networks in the Western Hemisphere will be key to helping the city write the next chapter for the 21st century. The city represents the vanguard of communities pushing for better Internet service and serves as a model for the benefits that can stem from broader online access. The Gig, as the locals call its network, has attracted billions of dollars in new investment and a flock of entrepreneurs to the city, who may come to the city for the promise of superfast broadband, but stay for the easy, affordable lifestyle, abundant outdoor activities and hip culture.

Tupelo rather have a pool, junk yard, and Elvis tours than the tools to make it great.

Prop 42

Education or brainwashing? The most important thing we can give children is wisdom. Historically Aesop was used to teach the philosophy of life as the foundation of education. Literacy next so a child could teach themselves. The last stage of adolescence was learning a skill to contribute to humanity as an adult. This is not what I heard at a meeting that was over stuffed with teachers. It was all about jobs stupid. Not occupations and exporting more than we import, not about contributions to humanity but about money. The average I.Q. of teachers graduating college in the U.S. is 105 the lowest of the college degrees. Teachers in countries that produce smarter students than the U.S. look to the teaching profession like doctors who deserve the highest income because the future depends on them.

I was told by a local college official that they hired some teachers to fill a slot that they could not find anyone else to fill. I find it more of the good old boy system in hiring connected people rather than qualified people. Qualified people do not want to come to MS because or the culture. Science is replaced with superstition and spiritual beliefs. The objective reality we live in has cause and effect and that is what it takes to be successful.

No doubt money is part of the equation to have top people teaching our children but not the only part. Money can just cause more corruption if it is not handled with integrity. The children of MS need special treatment depending on their environment and situation. One size does not fit all. If the money is spent to deal with individual children rather than poor planning and over sight by administrators I say raise taxes and give more money. Poor planning for example is not saving for expected repairs such as a roof every 20 years or replace the HVAC system every 20 years. This is not optional or a thing that administrative people can ignore till the breakdowns and leaks. Only 53% of your education tax dollar goes to teaching, the rest to administrative issues. If corporate America was run like that people would not have industry. The voter approved a huge bond issue for Tupelo Public schools. Where is the money going? To replace an administrative building roof and build a surveillance command center? Schools used the excuse that books could be on the computers they provided but now they want money for new textbooks.

What we have is very poor planning and a buddy system in the education industry that is not focused on the goals of wisdom and literacy for the children. Who is going to clean house and fix the system before money is thrown at it? We could set up small local libraries with a part time tutor and mentoring service to help those children that are not getting the attention in the classroom or at home. These local walk to retreats would also be a hot spot for the children to use their computers and socialize as they learn new things outside the fixed education culture of worker/consumers.

If the voter is educated they would first fix the politics before taxing themselves more to support the government corruption in the name of save the children and jobs. Hire and pay teachers what they are worth and remove excess administration.

“The” Flag

There is much emotional energy tied up in symbols. Much of the emotions are learned from experiences such as education and culture. The U.S. has a very colorful and rich history much of which is not told in school as the government wants to manipulate children to obey the rulers. For example there was no Thanksgiving dinner that the indians sat down with the settlers to feast. At best the settlers took stored food from a non occupied campground to avoid starvation. George Washington did not chop down the cherry tree, etc.

Depending on where you look much of what is learned about ” The war between the states’, “civil war” etc. is propaganda designed to manipulate history as the winner gets to write the history. People came to America because they wanted to escape the tyranny at home and have the freedom to control their own lives. Many escaping the law back home. That made much of American populated by outlaws and dealers as well as people that had no problem enslaving others to work for them. This is not too different than the corporate contractors that use illegal workers today. “Nobodies: Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the New Global Economy”

Because the south used free labor the north could not economically compete,Natchez Mississippi had more millionaires than any other city. The constitution allowed this type of behavior from the states. Many religious groups disagreed with the freedom to own a human being and smuggled slaves to areas where they could be independent from masters. Treatment of slaves was not regulated so the type of treatment varied from brutality to being almost a member of the family. The economy depended on the labor of slaves. Lincoln was not the great man many praise him for as he had many faults that are swept under the carpet of written history. The war was over the rights of states to make their own laws without being forced by other states to a common culture, especially a culture with corruption.

Many people died in both the north and south over the idea of being a common culture. The war is still going on today with political parties. To people who had ancestors who died in the war the history is important. To the slaves that had ancestors that died because of slavery and the war history is important. One of the freedoms Americans have is to trash the flag with out being prosecuted. This does not sit well with American who lost their lives defending the flag during our many wars. Just as the stars and strips of the American flag portray the history of the 13 colonies including the slaves, and corruption that destroyed the native Americans the stars and bars portray a history of the state including the mistreatment of humans as well as those who died for the right to have their own culture. The best part is the freedom to do so knowing the good and bad are in that history. Freedom and liberty are important and knowing that one mans freedom stops where the next man’s freedom starts. It seems kind of childish and selfish to claim a symbol only carries the meaning an individual gives it rather than the whole scope of its history. If we are going to ban the flag let us start with the American flag that wiped out a whole civilization and took their land.


How Innovation Ecosystems Grow Around the Globe

Real College

What does it mean to live a good life? What about a productive life? How about a happy life? How might I think about these ideas if the answers conflict with one another? And how do I use my time here at college to build on the answers to these tough questions?

2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials Are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing the World

Community Culture

“East Austin is where most of the city’s African-Americans have lived and raised their families since the 1930s. African-Americans once accounted for as much as 25% of the city’s population. Today, blacks make up only about 8%; the number will fall to 5% in a few decades, according to city projections. The change comes as new residents, mostly young white professionals, are moving into East Austin and many blacks are relocating to the suburbs or other regions of the state.”
Communities have common values and culture. Those communities that do not blend to change move.

“Definition of GENTRIFICATION. : the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents.”
Why do those in poverty not learn from those who are successful or is it their culture refuses to live that life style? There is not secret to taking action to success it just takes making successful choices. What is missing in education to help people make successful choices? Why is it so hard to change culture? Why do many pick choices that are not successful? What is the reality of critical thinking? What is quality of life?