Common Culture

“The pairing of people with similar incomes and education causes money and talent to cluster in high-powered families and helps propagate inequality across generations.”

It is only natural people with like backgrounds prefer others of the same culture. Forcing school busing and other means to mix cultures have been failures. Forcing mixing of religious beliefs also does not work well. The U.S. is a mixing pot but mostly from people who did not want the culture they had in other countries but still when first coming here the segregate with like people. NYC has been called a melting pot because it had many cultures living close to each other. The cultures did not integrate but did offer opportunity to experience other cultures and traditions while still not far from home. As the immigrants had children growing up in a changing environment those children dropped some of the old traditions and formed their own as they moved into a social culture that matched their interests. We each like different paradigms which fit our personality and interests and resent being forced to mix with people we have nothing in common with. This does not mean we need to fight or hate others only that we have a choice to spend our time and enemies on what we hold important.

Humans are equal under the law if the government does away with selective enforcement, but are not equal in interests, lifestyles and abilities. We can all live together in peace and harmony if we stop being forced to be something else.

Walking in the Rain

Thinking is an important part of life for many. A walk can be the start of grand thinking and each walk is different and has many options on what to experience. Walking the dog has the playful animal mindset. Walking with a friend might yield to a meaningful discussion. Walking in the rain has a Zen all its own.

Tupelo Flys Again

Today the Department of Transportation approved the Cities selection of Corporate Flight Management to serve Tupelo with five flights per day between Tupelo and Nashville. The probable effective date for the first flight will be March 1st. This is finally good news for Tupelo and our business community. More later. jim newman

End of year

As we come to the end of another years what has been accomplished? Have we increased the quality of life in Tupelo. Have we improved education? Have we reduced the number of single parent children? Have we paved the way for a brighter future? How many new startup companies has the Tupelo resident started? How what percentage of the population earn about the national average? How much has crime been reduced?

Are we making progress? Only you can answer that question because the media will not answer it honestly as the are marketing and want you to spend money rather than invest it. What businesses are going to do above average business? Could the new medial cures be one? How about quantum physics and the new computers? Could this be the year we get high speed fiber communication which is a requirement for any high tech firm? Will Tupelo water and light start a new business providing high speed fiber connects to give the poor service of Comcast competition? Are going to have another year of the powerful keeping the the wages low and the good old boy structure digging a deeper grave for Tupelo?