The Brain?

What would a good theory of the brain actually look like?
The living world is bursting with variety and unpredictable complexity, because biology is the product of historical accidents, with species solving problems based on happenstance that leads them down one evolutionary road rather than another.What we are really looking for is a bridge, some way of connecting two separate scientific languages — those of neuroscience and psychology.We know that there must be some lawful relation between assemblies of neurons and the elements of thought, but we are currently at a loss to describe those laws. But as anyone in a field richer in data than theory (like weather forecasting) can tell you, amassing data is only a start.
We are a long way from understanding ourselves and have a long way to go.


“Yellow Cab Cooperative Inc., San Francisco’s largest taxi company, filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, the latest in string of traditional taxi companies to turn to chapter 11 amid the rapid rise of ride-hailing rivals like Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc.”

Who are the leaders of Tupelo protecting at the expense of the poor? We could have opportunities of many young people to make money on providing needed services. But the local laws prevent that from happening as they support the status quo. Change requires competition and that will not happen when the good old boy club protects its members.

Let us walk

Why the Greatest Minds Take Long Walks

Why the Greatest Minds Take Long Walks


According to a new University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) study, more and more Americans are foregoing driver’s licenses in favor of…well, not having one.
Now, using the Federal Highway Administration’s data from 2014, the study shows that every demographic is losing interest.
That is to say, there was no attempt to figure out why this is happening. There exist a number of potential factors — a renewed push for improved public transportation, increased concentration in urban areas — but how they connect to actual licensing rates remains a mystery.

No mystery that driving has become boring and expensive. The laws make taking risks a matter of getting arrested and the cars are designed to track your movements. No chance of getting lost or breaking down with no solution at hand.

Driving was exciting and freedom. Kids walked to school and driving was a big step up to new places. Busing already exposes children to other places and poor experiences with other cultures. Commuting is now a chore rather than fun. Traffic has made driving stressful, roads have lost their challenge.

A progressive government that wants to save lives has destroyed the incentive to enjoy life.

Someone gave me another reason, the national face data base as each photo on your license goes to a face recognition data base to be used by the government to identify people in surveillance photos. This national ID system is another attempt to limit freedoms.

The Art of Life

Millions are gambling for a big pot of money. But as people achieve wisdom time is more valuable than money. Many that just graduate from school look for jobs and use money as the measure if they should work for that firm. What if we made the decision on the value of our time as spent most enjoyable in doing with it? Many in Tupelo stay where the family is because they value family or is it they fear the new and complected as there is no close support when you move to an unfamiliar environment. Fear is learned and the local education is no help in showing that failure is not a bad thing. We learn more from failure than memorizing the answers for multiple choice tests. Failing offers a lesson in problem solving. Failing offers a twist and new situation to handle.

How about dumping the fear and try something that might work but also can fail. The future is waiting for you. The reward will be better than money.