The Social Contract

In a world where far off people dictate our culture no one obeys the social contract. We can not understand our neighbor when we do not meet them. At the same time people do not agree with Washington when it is not relevant to our everyday experience. What was once was a empathy to our contacts now is a push of a button and no understanding of who we effect.

We need fellowship not a debt fueled consumer/worker society. Shared community is the key to a quality life. This can only be achieved by being present in life with other human beings not a widget that follows a media created by some far off people.

Economic Progress

“This is a New York City based program created by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the City University of New York (CUNY). IN2NYC is by far the most ambition program to date. It will help up to 80 selected entrepreneurs gain access to the visas they need to grow their businesses in New York City and is projected to create more than 700 jobs for New Yorkers in the first three years.”

Tupelo falls way short as it refuses to think outside the box and bring in new ideas and people. Why are we not looking for a fiber company to challenge Comcast?

Study: Immigrants Founded 51% of U.S. Billion-Dollar Startups


“Prosecutors offered a sharp rejoinder to a public statement by Apple’s chief, who said refusing to help the government was a matter of protecting his customers’ privacy.”
Then selective enforcement is not the theme of the Constitution. Yes the government job is to protect the citizens but not at the expense of the citizens rights. We have unlawful search and seizure and many laws that are not enforced such as 11 million illegals and one of my favorites is the “No Call List” As I get over 100 scam calls a month and report then nothing is being done by the government. We know the government has access to all phone calls and internet traffic as it is monitored by computers. They do not have the resources to enforce the laws. and if they did most Americans would be in prison. The way the system was designed to work was people would be in favor of the laws and support the laws by turning in law breakers.

No longer do Americans support the laws many are favors to lobby groups and are selectively enforced to give some advantage over others. We can not let government take away more freedoms to selectively protect us.

Tupelo and Humanity

What is Tupelo doing to make sure mankind survives the threats of nature? Mass extinctions happen every 32 million years. Most of those extinctions in the past come from an asteroid hitting the earth. You see the solar system makes it way around the galaxy and that trip sends us through different gravity fields. The gravity field scatter asteroids, some into outer space some to the sun and some into the gravity of the planets. It seems that Tupelo lacks any research or University that looks into these matters or even cares about science as we fund tourism and sports. If Tupelo is to contribute to humanity and pay its way the leaders need to be serious about using education to solve problems rather than job training. If the town wants high income people it has to be serious about an environment where high income people want to live and contribute to helping humanity, not just being entertained and fed high fat foods.

Registered Drones Now Outnumber Planes

But we have an airport and no place to fly and teach drone skills. Tupelo fails again to be in front of the curve. But we have a pool few people use.
Huerta said the number of small unmanned aircraft is even larger because drone operators often own more than one drone.

FAA officials launched a drone registration program just before Christmas, saying it would help them track down operators who violate regulations and also help to create a culture of accountability.

The new vocations are not in tourism but in technology and entrepreneurial skills. But the educational system is stuck on making workers rather than thinkers that mold the future.

We can make changes but it starts with the city council and the school board. Putting sales tax collections first does not make Tupelo better either does spending money on entertainment and awards.

Gravitational Waves

The first-ever detection of gravitational waves, which scientists could announce Thursday, would open a new window on the universe and its most violent phenomena.
Scientists will hold a press conference Thursday to discuss the latest in their hunt for these waves, whose existence Albert Einstein predicted in his theory of general relativity 100 years ago, according to a statement from the National Science Foundation, which has funded the research.

This is more important than the election propaganda.


The largest problems on earth stem from population and resources. World debt is based on faith and the faith is fading as more suffer from very poor leadership and greed. A population of 1.3 billion in 1900 to over 7 billion today is not sustainable as people borrow from a future that is not possible to pay back. The future can only survive on devaluing money and personal wealth. The lack of consumer population growth means the economy has to be changed to adjust to the new conditions of an aging population, automation, a smaller birth rate, longer lives, less energy, less water, less habitable land, less food, and an effort to keep alive the natural environment that our lives depend on.