How do we know what to believe? We have experience of the senses which bring us most of our understanding of reality in the environment. Science is based on this observation. High probability of observing bring us scientific laws. Next we have reason which uses information we believe to come to a reasonable expectation. This type of rational thinking is not always based on tested facts but rather beliefs passed down to us.

Credence requires an honest evaluation of evidence and sorting it out to the most probable useful conclusion. How do you do it? How much do emotions count?

Cell Phones

“A major U.S. government study on rats has found a link between cellphones and cancer, an explosive finding in the long-running debate about whether mobile phones cause health effects.”
“Authorities are fighting a scourge of phone crime enabled by cheap technology that blasts out nefarious calls and hides wrongdoers’ whereabouts. The scammers are heavily targeting the elderly, sparking a push in Congress to fight back.”
Being on the no call list is a bad joke it is not enforced. I get over 100 scam calls a month and have a policy to not answer the phone. It makes the month bill I pay as being money down the drain. The government does not have the resources to enforce the no call laws or the ability to get those criminals outside the borders that do these crimes. The Government does not even have the prisons to put all the Americans who break these laws. The world has lost the moral backbone to teach right from wrong and when government and those you are to trust break their trusts and responsibilities why should the rest of the sheep be any different?


This blog gets hundreds of bogus comments each week. We do not add marketing to this site. We are not interested in buying selling or making money. This is simply out about thinking and nothing more.




What is the difference between a small new business and a startup? Most of Tupelo of the new businesses in Tupelo are retail or manufacturing expanding. We do not have the change the world spirt to change the way people live like Comcast did in the past. Comcast now has become a over stuffed obese organization that has lost it way due to greed and lack of creativity. The future is now and we need to be better. What are we doing to foster that great American spirit of the entrepreneur/

What are we teaching our children? To get a Job? Should we not be teaching them that they are their own leader? Children need to be comfortable with high tech in every day life. The poverty in Tupelo does not have the resources to do that and public school is not enough and is too strutted to foster creativity., too many rules and conditions. The fear of mistakes and failure are built into grades. A child can be taught at home how to do things that have value and allowed for failure. For example pay a child to do some tech task such as scanning business cards or ripping CDs. Maybe making all your computer cables or installing new devices to your equipment. They can go on to graphic design and manage your in home systems. Many parents are not willing to spend the time or knowledgable themselves about the new technical age.

When children get the hang of technology they see creative ideas and also run into problems that need to be solved. One of Tupelo’s down falls is Comcast with limited speed for tech businesses. Tupelo water and Light could build a new fiber system starting with schools and mini libraries all around town for the next generation to start new business that are not just small business but world wide enterprises that will change the future. The idea is to export from MS not be the bottom of the barrel state that lives on Government handouts.

Join me in talking to community leaders to put Tupelo on track to be a world leader that attracts new talent not the town that tells its children to move to someplace that has opportunities.