Weapon Control?

Does it make sense to have government use its resources to force citizens who have done nothing to harm anyone, to give up their freedoms and liberty the founding fathers fought for? When the perceived threat to a way of life is best strongly emotional see people lose self control and harm others. The cave man bashed heads with stones and so it went, using the survival skills of hunting and gathering on fellow humans throughout history. Sure control of weapons have been used to oppress people such as slave owners controlling their work force same as prison guards do today.

The situations get very complicated when there are revolutions or abuse. man in his body today has been slow to evolve as fast as the technology has. We still have the emotional makeup of survival traits to sense danger which do not play well in a modern city. Knowledge has moved far beyond the emotions as we have talking robots and an education to create many things including plans to harm others if we do not agree with the social contract. How do we teach children and adults to control urges based on not fully understanding the ramifications of our actions?

I do not think that the solution is to have more selectively enforced laws or giving one group power over anther. I would like to start with psychology and find reasons for some willing to give their lives, and work on that, rather than more laws that reduce the resources that are for public benefit rather than public control.

Is Trump the Answer

Beginning to see a few Donald Trump signs in Tupelo. Saw Demo Senate challenger McGinty saying that she thought that the jobs that were lost by exporting companies thru trade deals was just wrong and she was in favor of tougher bargaining on trade. She sounded like Trump but she is a Demo. Also Trump fired two of his top campaign managers today. Could that signal a shift in his rhetoric? I know many Republicans certainly hope so. The latest polls have him down seven points to HRC. Based on his past I would not bet against his recovery but it could be an uphill struggle. If he could just keep his mouth shut and stop offending large portions of the population I don’t see any chance of his recovery. Unless he starts talking about the issues and stops complaining about a judge in a personal civil suite and stopping immigration of Muslims, Mexicans and every other group he can think of  this race is over. I know he has a base but that base is less than 25% of the population eligible to vote and he must get a grater percent of independents, Latinos, and African Americans than Mitt Romney got in 2012. Are we ready for another eight years of a Clinton/Obama or are we ready for an outsider? We shall see.


What is reality? Is it in your head or something that happens without humans? What do we experience that is different than what is physically happening? Are dreams reality? How about ideas and imagination? Most physicists require measurements and multiple tests and experiments to confirm reality.