The other day efforts were made by a psychological team to squelch the unrest between the black community and the white establishment run law enforcement. A bias test was given to determine privilege and tried to shame those that had it easier than disadvantaged folks. In my opinion the questions were bias to a southern culture and did not solve the problems between poverty and affluence. To walk in another man’s shoes is to understand the feelings of a character of different experiences. From all the evidence I encountered I take more of a balanced approach. From the start we are all different from different genes that have been promoted for thousands of years to give the best results under the environment we encounter. To change genes takes lot of selective breeding. Human generational turnover is very slow. We have cave man brains living in a technological environment. Our fears are tied to surviving with wild beasts. Our bodies are tied to certain climates. Our intellects are tied to how clever we need to be to survive changing conditions. Nature selection expects the best will be attracted to the best for the conditions.

Being in the 21 century with air travel and mass immigration the earth has mixed bodies tied to certain climates and forced them to survive in very different climates. Cultures with traditions and beliefs of one place are not the best survival tools in another. Goals of life are different as well as reasons for living. If we are to live in a diverse society we can not expect one size to fit all. Natural selection gravitates to the like minded but we must also be tolerant of those that march to a different drummer. Freedom and liberty allows for all to go about their business without harm.

The empathy we need is to feel and accept that behavior in the pubic forum is much more tolerant and understanding of these vast differences but is not a threat to our own private beliefs. It is when government forces one size on all citizens that the empathy is turned into hate.


“You don’t win a Nobel prize by doing what you’re told. The American civil rights movement wouldn’t have happened without civil disobedience. India would not have achieved independence without the pacifist but firm disobedience of Gandhi and his followers. The Boston Tea Party, which we celebrate here in New England, was also quite disobedient.

There is a difficult line–sometimes obvious only in retrospect–between disobedience that helps society and disobedience that doesn’t. I’m not encouraging people to break the law or be disobedient just for the sake of being disobedient, but sometimes we have to go to first principles and consider whether the laws or rules are fair, and whether we should question them.

Society and institutions in general tend to lean toward order and away from chaos. In the process this stifles disobedience. It can also stifle creativity, flexibility, and productive change-and in the long run-society’s health and sustainability. This is true across the board, from academia, to corporations, to governments, to our communities.”

MIT Media Lab

Witness to a Revolution Again

Unrest seems to be the normal in today’s world. There has always been cycles of clam stable communities and upheaval with carnage. People get restless when their emotions are not tingled enough and the emotional roller coaster is a slow elevator.
The founding fathers had their ride on the coaster also. People like Ben Franklin with all his wisdom and virtues took the risk of signing the declaration of independence knowing he was putting his life on the line and could be arrested. But what qualities does it take to have a quality of life society? Wisdom and virtue are real behaviors. We need to use them in making the laws of this country. Why have laws that you would not enforce on your own family? Would you report a family member for jaywalking? Some laws should be guidelines and not be tax collection schemes. Government needs to make laws for the protection of rights not laws that benefit a few at the expense of others.

As long as the government practices favoritism, selective enforcement and corruption with goals based on money we the people will have reasons to have a revolution. Just laws are laws we would enforce on our own families. We the people need reasons to testify against our brothers and sisters. When this happens we will be back in the calm part of the cycle.

How do we get there?

“Don’t argue about regulation.
Build Uber.
Don’t argue about monetary policy.
Build Bitcoin.
Don’t argue about it.
Build the alternative.”

“War and chaos have plagued the world for quite a long time, but each epoch creates its own special pulse-beat for the artists to interpret.”

Too Small to Regulate

I have looked at the economics of many times in history and around the world. The idea of too big to fail is a bit of socialism and has tyranny attached to it. Big government and big corporate interest often infringe on personal morals and ethics. When selective enforcement pushes aside virtue and the individual is not treated justly, many people lose purpose as they care less about obeying laws.

Small business is the backbone of any society. Small business gives the joy and personal contact of stability. Friendships and loyalty require a history of experience and understanding the character of the person you are dealing with. it takes time to build that confidence in a business.

Regulations and the tax code has one size fits all rules. This feeble attempt to make everything equal is a total failure both in the end result and the bias of meeting the lobbyists goals. I suggest a sliding scale that allows small business to meet customer and society’s expectations of being fair, safe and meeting standards of virtue. The large a corporation the more vigilant government regulations and enforcement need to be.

Expectations of Behavior

Part of the problem in the United States is that different cultures expect different types and levels of acceptable behavior. This varies between parts of the country, races, religion, ages, economic status, education status and many other measures. Having a mixing pot requires more patients than many people have. In the past the immigrants wanted a change and came to American willing to make big changes and work hard. After WWII the revolution started with the baby boom and lack of many of the required survival responsibilities the past had especially during the depression. Today we have another revolution and depression in the way politicians have tried to solve long term problems with crisis management. The economy is in debt and the citizens find reality boring. Many do not have the education required to understand society or the ethics to be successful in the grab for money. We are more than just worker/consumers.

“Acquire power over your aye and no and learn to hold and withhold them in accordance with your higher aims”

We need the answers that come from contemplation not the answers of our emotions.

Selective Enforcement

This week we have a candidate for president that put the whole country security in jeopardy and gets away scot free, yet a person with a broken tail light gets the death sentence. We can not continue to make laws to just bring in revenue to government. Most traffic laws are a sham and should only be warnings for poor judgement. Laws that protect property and punish harm should be the priority in the justice system. We expect much better of our public employees and leaders. If the government is not going to put itself under the same expectations it has of as the public behavior, then the public will take the law into its own hands. We do not have the will or resources to enforce all the laws on the books. It is time to change and simplify the legal judicial, enforcement, and legal system to hold everyone including government officials to the same standard.