Driving Looking Backwards

The leaders of Tupelo declare that Tupelo will aways be a farming and industrial town. They plan for the future to be more of the past. History shows us things do not stay the same and will change sometimes radically. In the world that is connected with the world wide web and billions of people in poverty Tupelo can not reduce its future to the same as the past. We must be creative and innovative to survive long term. Most leadership has short term sight and refuses to sacrifice the present for long term. The educated children are leaving for better challenges than factory or farm work. The ignorant flock to places that have the only work they know. The kicker is they are not competing with equals but rather with people around the world making less than one dollar an hour. This is not sustainable.

Our leaders must be far sighted and look long term. Having a fiber world wide web connection is not an option but a requirement for competing in the world market. We must export more than we import and we must focus on innovation rather than the dead retail and tourist trade. Manufacturing will be robots not manual labor just as farms will be fully automated. Tupelo will be stuck with a large population of welfare people that live for drugs and commit crime.

Wishful Thinking

Politicians use truisms to gain the following of naive voters who believe in the impossible. The reality is you can not have 2 cars in every garage or stop everyone from entering the country. Abortion is not moral to many people but having a law against it does not stop it. In fact it creates other problems such as death of the mother due to illegal attempts. Attempts to stop drinking and drunks has failed so it is better to try controls and limit the harm, same with drugs, guns etc. Much of what the President elect was spouting was marketing, propaganda, wishful thinking and a form of truism to the naive voters that have very little concept of reality as to what can be accomplished in this world.

Just as most new businesses fails so does much of what humans attempt, but we learn to change expectations and goals to something more achievable. Give change a chance and let us see where it leads to.


Now what? The man boasted plenty like a man telling how big a fish he caught. I do not think his extreme plans will happen exactly the way he described them but we are in for changes. I hope people are willing to work for change rather than expect government to do it for them.

Will Hillary face legal problems?

Keynesian Economics

The idea of a stable capitalistic economic system is growth through consumption. The more consumption the more growth of the economy to enhance the standard of living. John Maynard Keynes advocated that if the population is not spending money there is a loss of jobs and income so the government needs to be a consumer.

The flip side of the problem is a finite earth and resources such as water, air and energy. There is also the population growth that out strips the ability of the earth to support it. Another issue is psychological, that when too many people get on each others nerves such as too many rats in a cave there is violence. The value of life is decreased by the growing number of people. So just increasing the standard of living can reduce the quality of life if more than economic factors are not taken into consideration.